Major FlyBase Update

FlyBase Project Members flybase at
Mon Aug 14 20:56:22 EST 1995

FlyBase Update.                                 August 14 1995

New versions of the genes and aberrations files have been placed on the
Indiana server ( and are accessed by the FlyBase
WWW page ( and gopher searches.

The genes file is an updated file with the addition of new genes and
alleles as well as much new data on existing records. The total number 
of 'genes' in this release is 9,012, that of alleles is 25,998 and that of 
aberrations 11,699.

A new file, flybase/wild_stocks/wild_stocks.txt, with information on
wild-type stocks has been released.

The Reference Manual has been updated and is available in text
and Postscript versions (flybase/docs/Reference-manual.text and

New versions of the following files have also been released:

flybase/refs/references.* (in total 73,186 records)





flybase/allied-data/species/species.txt (with 3,348 'valid' drosophilid
                                         species names).


New versions of the User Manual and the following files are now being
prepared and they will be announced when available:




A new file of STSs from the cosmids from the European Drosophila Genome
Project will also be released in the near future, as will an update of
flybase/clones/clones.txt and its component files.

Documentation of how to obtain the Encyclopaedia of Drosophila is now
available in the Reference Manual as well as the User Manual.

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