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Peter Burke burkep at cgat.BCH.UMontreal.CA
Thu Aug 17 17:07:44 EST 1995

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The Canadian Genome Analysis and Technology (CGAT) Program is pleased to
announce the public opening of the CGAT Bioinformatics Support Services 
The CGATBSS was initiated to:
     * facilitate the dissemination of CGAT program information
     * improve communications within the CGAT grantee community and the
       Canadian and international genomics community in general
     * provide bioinformatics technical support to CGAT researchers
     * create a pool of volunteer experts for search and analysis assistance
     * develop educational material for researchers to help understand data 
       formats and software
The scientific community is welcome to exploit the resources of the CGATBSS
website at, participate in an open email list
discussion of genomics and molecular genetics (for details, see, and interact in realtime 
with their colleagues on the CGATBSS IRC server at 6667.  
These and other innovative tools and resources make for a Internet site not
to be missed.  Your feedback is always welcome.
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