Toxics Release Inventory CD-ROM

Wed Aug 30 12:00:57 EST 1995

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                * New Toxics Release Inventory CD-ROM Now Available *
              The EPA Office of Pollution Prevention and Toxics is 
          announcing the release of a new CD-ROM containing the Toxics 
          Release Inventory (TRI) for 1987-1993.
              The Toxics Release Inventory is a compilation of reports 
          submitted by U.S. manufacturers subject to the Emergency Planning 
          and Community Right-To-Know Act of 1986.  It lists the amounts of 
          chemicals designated as toxic that are released from 
          manufacturing facilities into the air, land, or water or 
          transferred offsite for treatment or disposal.  Citizens and 
          public interest groups use TRI data to answer questions about 
          chemicals in their community, while industry sources often hail 
          TRI as a significant tool in efforts to prevent pollution.
              In addition to TRI, the two-disc set contains Chemical 
          Substance fact sheets.  Retrieval software provided with the 
          discs can be used for searching data, formatting reports, 
          downloading data in a variety of formats, and calculating 
          statistics such as total releases, average release amount, etc.  
          A user's manual is included with the discs.
              Orders for the discs are being taken by the Government 
          Printing Office (GPO) ($38; phone number 202-512-1800; stock 
          number 055-000-00508-7) and the National Technical Information 
          Service (NTIS) ($45; phone number 703-487-4650; stock number 
              The Toxics Release Inventory is also accessible online 
          through the Right-to-Know Network (RTK-NET).  RTK NET can be 
          accessed either by direct dial-up at (202) 234-8570 (8-N-1) or 
          via the Internet (telnet to as "public"--or use a 
          Web browser to access it at  [*IMPORTANT*:  Your 
          Web browser must be set up to access telnet.  Some commercial 
          services' Web browsers do NOT currently have access to telnet.]
          NOTE:  You must sign up for an account, which is free, before 
          accessing RTK NET's databases (you can apply for an account 
          online).  TRI is located under:
              DATABASES/Environmental databases/TRI (Toxic Release 
              Inventory) 1987-1993
          For more information on RTK NET, call OMB Watch at (202) 234-

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