call for specimens

jeanne beck jeanne_beck at
Fri Dec 1 01:07:52 EST 1995


    The National Institute on Aging (NIA) Aging Cell Repository would like to 
receive blood or biopsy material to establish cell cultures from well-
documented patients with diseases related to aging for distribution to the 
scientific community. The diseases for which the Repository is soliciting 
specimens include but is not limited to Alzheimer disease, progeria, Werner 
syndrome, Rothmund-Thomson syndrome, xeroderma pigmentosum, atherosclerosis. In 
addition, the Repository is collecting specimens from cancer patients. Please 
contact the Repository prior to submitting specimens.
    NIA Aging Cell Repository
    Coriell Cell Repositories
    401 Haddon Avenue
    Camden, New Jersey 08103
Telephone:  (800)-752-3805 in the USA
            (609)-757-4848 outside the USA
Fax:        (609)-757-9737

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