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                      CALL FOR PAPERS
(A postscript version of the CFP is available at www-laforia.ibp.fr)

               International Conference on
     Successes and Pitfalls of Knowledge-Based Systems
                in Real-World Applications

                    Bangkok, Thailand
                      October 28-30, 1996

    SPONSORS (more to follow) : French Foreign Ministry=20
                                IOS Press


   Since the implementation of the first expert systems, there has always
been a number of Industrial Knowledge-Based Systems (KBS). We consider th=
term 'KBS' in the large, i.e., expert systems, tutoring systems,
information systems, active databases, application of logic programming
and of fuzzy logic, neural networks, etc. are considered here as KBSs
because they use Artificial Intelligence techniques. Few of the early
systems remain. The most successful systems have been presented in a
special issue of AI Journal (Volume 59, 1993). However, other
systems--successful and unsuccessful ones--represent considerable
experience that may provide many useful lessons for the community.
Successes and failures occur for a variety of reasons that, once shared,
may permit others to save time, work and money.=20

This conference is an attempt to gather and share all this knowledge. Its
goal is to focus on the experience acquired during design, development an=
use of KBSs, rather than focus mainly on technical details. In order to
share easily and compare the experiences, the papers must address the
following points (describing reasons for any choices, any problems, any
chosen solutions, etc.):=20
1. Context of the project (initial motivation, domain, addressed problem,
constraints on the project, role of end-users, position of the various
actors at the start of the project, etc.).=20
2. Description of the system (particularities, problems encountered durin=
the design process and the development process, chosen representation
language, integration in the working place, validation by end-users,
3. Results of the project (reasons for its success or failure, initial
cost vs. final cost, parts that are reusable, desired extension by
end-users, user's evaluation of the system, etc.).=20
4. Organizational issues (integration in working places, changes in the
working environment, alteration of the user's work, adaptating the workin=
environment to the system vs. adaptating the system to the working
environment, efforts to persuade people to use the system, etc.).=20
5. Lessons for the future (mistakes to avoid, points to check beforehand,
needed paradigms as cooperation and explanation, needs for maintenance of
the operational version, update, evolution, need for incremental knowledg=
acquisition, etc.).=20


   Papers received:           February 15th,  1996
   Author notification:       April 1st,     1996
   Final papers received:     July 1st,      1996
   Conference:                October 28-30, 1996

   Participants will be selected on the basis of submitted papers (10
single-spaced pages maximum in four copies) by at least three referees.
Papers must include in the first page: title, author's name(s),
affiliation, complete mailing address, phone number, fax number,  e-mail,
an abstract of 300 words maximum, and up to five keywords. Papers must be
sent to the chairperson of the Program Committee (see address below).=20

The conference will take place either at the hotel of the Asian Institute
of Technology or in the center of Bangkok according to the number of
participants. Please, contact the chairperson of the Organization
Committee for futher logistics information.

Facing the emphasis on applications at the conference, there is an
Industrial Committee. The role of this Committee is to manage
relationships with companies that would like to be concerned by the
conference (e.g., as a sponsor) and present demonstrations or products.=20


   Abu-Hakima Sue (NRC, Canada)
   Bannon Liam (University of Limerick, Ireland)
   Batanov (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
   Burrel Phillip (South Bank University, UK)
   Boy Guy (EURISCO, France)
   Bradshaw Jeff (Boeing, USA)
   Brezillon Patrick (University Paris 6, France)
   Chandrasekaran B. (Ohio State University, USA)
   Dung Pham Minh (AIT, Thailand)
   Feigenbaum Edward (Stanford University, USA)
   Findler Nicolas (Arizona State University, USA)
   Fischer Gerhard (University of Colorado, Germany)
   Frasson Claude (University of Montreal, Canada)
   Gasser Les (University of Southern California, USA)
   Guha Ramanathan (USA)
   He Z. (Zhejiang University, China)
   Hertz Arnaud (Electricite de France, France)
   Mizoguchi Riichiro (Osaka University, Japan)
   Pomerol Jean-Charles (University of Paris, France)
   Sadananda R. (Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand)
   Sergot Marek (Imperial College of Science, UK)
   Shi Zhongzhi (Academia Sinica, China)
   Stefanuk Vadim (Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia)
   Sterling Leon (University of Melbourne, Australia)
   Suthers Dan (University of Massassuchetts, USA)

    At the Asian Institute of Technology (Thailand):
   Batanov D.N.
   Dung P.M.
   Lefevre T
   Sadananda R.

   For America:
     Callaos N. (Universitad S. Bolivar, Venezuela)
   For Asia and Australia:
     Nagendra N.N (Industrial Systems Engn., Thailand)
     Tsui E. (Continuum, Australia)
   For Europe:
     Brezillon Patrick (University of Paris 6, France)

   Programme Committee:
   Patrick Brezillon
   LAFORIA, case 169
   Universit=E9 Paris 6
   4, place Jussieu
   75252 Paris Cedex 05, France
   Tel.: + 33 1 44 27 70 08
   Fax:  + 33 1 44 27 70 00
   E-mail: brezil at laforia.ibp.fr

   Organization Committee:
   Batanov Dentcho N.
   School of Advanced Technologies
   Asian Institute of Technology
   G.P.O. Box 2754
   Bangkok 10501, Thailand
   Tel: (66-2) 524-5712 (office)
   Fax: (66-2) 524-5721 (office)
   E-mail :batanov at rccsun.ait.ac.th

   Industrial Committee:
   Callaos Nagib
   Ingenieros Consultores C.A.
   C.C. El Placer II, Locales 5 y 7
   Calle Sur 7
   Urb. El Placer
   Caracas, Venezuela
   Fax: +58 2 962 15 19
   E-mail: ncallaos at usb.ve

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