WORKSHOP ANNOUNCEMENT: HIV and Cells of Macrophage Lineage

Nick Fitch nfitch at
Tue Dec 5 17:10:13 EST 1995

Posted on behalf of Dr. Richard Kornbluth, International organizing committee.



The Third International Workshop on HIV and Cells of Macrophage Lineage
will take place on October 16-19 1996 at Varenna, Lake of Como, Italy. 
The conference will address a number of biochemical, virological,
immunological, cell culture, clinical, animal model and related topics in
the field of HIV and other lentivirus infections of macrophages and
dendritic cells.

Interested researchers are invited to browse the conference web page at:

Please email Richard Kornbluth, MD, at m0conf at, for further
information or to be added to the mailing list for the second announcement
and call for abstracts (to be released in the spring).


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