Present and future PhD training problems in France : A report

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Thu Dec 7 21:45:58 EST 1995

A mailing list, called Hotdocs, gathers many PhD students from all fields
as well as permanent staff members, mainly in France, and is devoted to
PhD training problems and their connections to R&D and university
development and management. A report arose from discussions and
collaborative work through the HotDocs mailing list.

This report put forwards problems related, by example, to the increasing
number of new PhD students, the propective situation elaborated
>From simulations or the qualitive PhD education. Propositions such as a
'PhD contract' or the enhancing of the PhD value towards industries for
solving PhD problems are developed.

In order to enable PhD students, researchers and university teachers from other
countries to get familiar with our work, an english summary of the report is
now available :
We hope that you will enjoy its reading and provide us with your
feelings and experience on these matter.

There is also a french summary of this report :

Comments and suggestions are welcome on the HotDocs mailing list : 

       hotdocs at

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