Human Anatomy and Physiology

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To be held on March 25 - 29 1996 at Coventry University

For hospital physicists and clinical engineers, medical technologists,
lecturers and teachers of physics, engineering and computing.=20

The course has been designed in discussion with hospital physicists, to
meet the requirements of the training scheme for physical scientists in
health care.=20

Subject to validation as an M level module of Coventry University, it may
be accredited as part of an MSc programme if assessments are taken and
passed;  it already forms an assessed part of the MSc in Medical Physics
at Birmingham University.=20

Established hospital physicists, clinical engineers, medical
technologists, and teachers or lecturers of physics, engineering or
computing may attend the course without assessment to improve their
knowledge of human anatomy and physiology in a clinical context.=20

Lectures will be presented by staff of Coventry University, physicians and
consultants in Coventry hospitals, hospital physicists and medical
technologists.  After a day of introductory material dealing with
anatomical principles, cell biology, immunology and genetics, the
remaining four days are used to deal with the specific anatomy and
physiology of the major systems of the body which are of interest to
physicists, outlines of the main pathologies and measurement techniques
are given in each case.=20

Outline Programme

Monday 25 March=20
Principles of anatomy; cell biology; immunity; skin;
genetics; neoplasia.=20

Tuesday 26 March=20
Sensory function; peripheral and central nervous systems;
modelling and recording nerve activity; evoked responses; selected
disorders of the nervous system.=20

Wednesday 27 March
The heart and circulation; cardiovascular control; monitoring
cardiac function; diseases and defects; blood clotting.

Thursday 28 March
Kidney function and pathology; dialysis and renal transplant;
respiratory function and monitoring; lung diseases.

Friday 29 March
Hormones; reproduction and foetal development; the digestive
tract and liver, with main pathologies; monitoring gut

Depending on the availability of lecturers the order in which topics are
taught may be changed, but every effort will be made to cover all those

The course fee, including lunch and refreshments, is =9C35 pounds sterling.

If you are interested in the course please contact:

Anna Kowalchuk,
School of NES,=20
Coventry University,

Telephone:     01203 838678 (direct line)
               01203 631313 (switchboard)

Fax:           01203 838282

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