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Harry Mangalam mangalam at
Tue Dec 12 21:21:22 EST 1995

  [Note added by the moderator, D.K. - the reference below to the search
  module at is essentially obsolete.  Those who have
  visited our Web site since our major announcement Sunday night have
  seen that there will shortly by WAIS indexes available for all bionet
  newsgroups there in addition to the general index.]

This note is to announce the availability of several WAIS databases that
may be of interest to you and are searchable individually or
simultaneously WITH Netscape, WITHOUT the use of a WAIS proxy.  Data is
now being served at:
        (for the Database Descriptions, notes)
        (for the Databases themselves, reiterated below)

Database Descriptions:
Biology-related Software and Informatics

        bionet.biology.computational (started 12.12.95) (started 12.12.95), (entire year) (started 12.12.95), (started 12.12.95), (started 12.12.95),
        bionet.molec-model (started 12.12.95),
        bionet.structural-nmr (started 12.12.95)

     bionet.sw.pre95 to 1990; others others and back archives to be included 
         based on interest (and disk usage) 

NB: These and the entire (?) BIONET feed can be searched with a WAIS search 
engine at BIONET, by searching:
but it's slow (as you might expect, since it's the entire archives in 
one database.


Shell Languages for Administration and the Web

        comp.unix.admin (surprisingly enough)


        comp.lang.perl.[announce, misc, tk], from about the last year 



Mac and Eudora groups



       the info-mac e-periodical, pre-1995 

       the info-mac e-periodical, 1995 only 


Silicon Graphics Related:

This database is composed of the back postings (updated every 3 days) 
of the USENET News comp.sys.sgi hierarchy (descriptions below) Size of each 
group as of 6/95

     comp.sys.sgi (55MB)
        Original group, now defunct, but still searchable 
        (last posting Nov 20, 95) 

     comp.sys.sgi.admin (52MB)
        Administration Issues involving SGI Systems 
        (see also comp.unix.admin, below) 

     comp.sys.sgi.announce (1.6MB)
        Announcements about SGI HW, SW, Corporate news, and related conferences 

     comp.sys.sgi.apps (19MB)
        Applications for SGI platforms (see also the* below) (2.5MB)
        Audio on SGI machines 

     comp.sys.sgi.bugs 16MB)
        Bugs in HW or SW (24MB)
        Graphics, both HW and SW (see also the* below) 

     comp.sys.sgi.hardware 28MB)
        Hardware, SGI and 2nd source 

     comp.sys.sgi.misc (52MB)
        Other things, SGI-related 

     comp.sys.mips (4.2MB)
        Old and New systems from MIPS Computer Systems

-----------------------------------------------------------------------* - all the newsgroups 
("c.g." =

        c.g.[algorithms, research] 


        c.g.api.[misc, opengl, inventor, pexlib], c.g.opengl 

        c.g.apps.[data-explorer, gnuplot, avs, iris-explorer],

        c.g.apps.[wavefront, photoshop, alias, softimage, pagemaker,
        c.g.packages.[3dstudio, lightwave, alias] 


        c.g.rendering.[raytracing, renderman, misc], c.g.raytracing 


For Fun: 

       rec.woodworking, about a year's worth 


For searching more (most?) newsgroups (although not as far back yet), see 
DejaNews. (Click on Net Search in Netscape, or go to:

How to phrase your search

The freewais code used here allows searching with booleans (AND, OR, NOT) 
and stems (print* = prints, printers, printing, printed).

The queries are case-INsensitive (Sony = sony = SONY).
Multiple words without booleans are considered as logical 'OR's ('Sony 
color monitor' is evaluated as 'sony OR color OR monitor' which will result 
in a wider search.

Unfortunately, this freeWAIS code does not handle grouped booleans (so 
'seagate and (barracuda or hawk) will give strange results.

If a word is represented too frequently, the database eliminates it from 
the index (so don't search for 'mac' in the info-mac archives or 'SGI' in 
the comp.sys.sgi archives).

Phrases containing symbols such as periods, semicolons, colons, commas, etc 
are considered separate words by freewais, so I'd advise against using them 
(the query 'sendmail 8.7' is interpreted as 'sendmail or 8 or 7' - not a 
very tight search.

Due to some bugs in the WAIS code, you cannot search on 3 letter queries 
alone (even if they are infrequent - for example, TFP, RGB, etc), but if 
you use them in conjunction with other queries, they should work (TFP and 
r4400, RGB and transparency).  The more precise you make your query, the 
better your results.  This applies to both the individual searches below 
and to the simultaneous searches.
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