New Hum. Retroviral Elements mailing list

Dave Kristofferson kristoff at
Sat Dec 16 14:03:24 EST 1995

Information for the BIOHERV prototype newsgroup (mailing list):

Posting address: bioherv at

Discussion leader:

Jonas Blomberg                  jonas.blomberg at
Section of Virology
Department of Medical Microbiology
University of Lund.

tel:  +46 46 17 32 75
fax:  +46 46 18 91 17

The purpose of the BIOHERV mailing list is to function as a means 
of communication between researchers who characterize sequences 
related to retroviruses in the human genome, and investigate 
their expression, physiological and pathogenic roles. It will 
facilitate exchange of information, protocols, ideas and function 
as a forum for discussion.


Usage Instructions

Since this is a "prototype" newsgroup set up as a six month trial
(more below), it is only available from our host at in the
U.S.  If it survives the trial period, it will be available at both
sites and a parallel USENET news distribution in the bionet hierarchy
will be made available in addition to the current mail distribution

Subscribing to this list:

Log in to the computer account in which you would like to receive mail
(not an account that you use infrequently) and send a mail message to
the Internet address

biosci-server at

Leave the Subject: line of the message blank (anything entered on it
is ignored) and enter the following line into the body of the mail

subscribe bioherv

This message will be automatically read by our computer and your
e-mail address will be extracted from the mail header and added to the

Canceling your subscription:

If you want to cancel your subscription, send a message to
biosci-server at exactly as described above except include
the text

unsubscribe bioherv

in the body of the message.  Please be sure to send the message from
the account whose address matches the one on the list.


Please send a message to the Internet address

biosci-help at

and someone on the staff here will help you.  PLEASE DO NOT send mail
to our personal e-mail addresses as this will delay a response to your
request for help.

How to post a message to the group:

Simply mail your message to the Internet address

bioherv at

and your message will be distributed automatically to everyone on the
list.  There is no editorial intervention.  PLEASE DO NOT send
subscription requests to this address as you will bother everyone on
the newsgroup.  Please use the biosci-server at address as
instructed above for subscription/cancellation requests.

How to reply to a message on the group:

Replies to messages that you receive will *NOT* be automatically
returned to the group.  Our default reply goes only to the original
message poster as is the standard for Internet mailing lists.
You must be certain that your reply contains the address

bioherv at

in the mail header if you want to share it with everyone on the group.
Otherwise in most cases your reply may go back to only the original
poster of the message to which you are replying.

ALWAYS be certain that you examine the address on your messages before
you send them!!!  Once a message is sent there is no way to cancel it
or bring it back!!!  Some non-Internet compliant mail systems may
attempt to send replies to our error-trapping address called
BIOSCI-REQUEST.  If yours does this, please be sure to readdress your
message to bioherv at if you want to send it to the

How to look at archives of the list:

The BIOHERV archives are available on the World Wide Web at URL  Please look under the BIOSCI/bionet archives
hypertext link and then click on the BIOHERV folder/directory.  Each
file is assigned a date such as 9509 for September 1995.

Future Plans for the group:

This is a "prototype newsgroup" in our terminology which means that it
is currently distributed only by e-mail and not on USENET.  You will
find it listed near the end of the BIOSCI info sheet, not in the main
list of BIOSCI newsgroups.  In six months there will be a vote to
either convert it to a full-fledged USENET newsgroup or shut it down.

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