The Arabidopsis Database has moved to Stanford

David Flanders flanders at genome.Stanford.EDU
Thu Dec 21 23:30:56 EST 1995

As foretold in previous messages on the Arabidopsis newsgroup, this is to
announce the formal and complete transfer of AAtDB and associated WWW,
Gopher and ftp resources from the Department of Molecular Biology,
MGH/Harvard to the Department of Genetics, in the School of Medicine at
Stanford University. 

With this move comes a change in title and its meaning.  The AAtDB
name, which in the past has represented the name of the formal
database, will not be used.  The Stanford effort will be known as the
Arabidopsis thaliana Database Project or AtDB (one A).  The name AtDB
will be used for all aspects of the Stanford effort including a formal
database, WWW and Gopher search facilities to Arabidopsis literature
and electronic manuals, plus a variety of future analysis-resources.
The AtDB name is thus not just a database, but a collection of
information and analytical resources maintained by the Stanford

To access AtDB, point your WWW browser (such as Netscape) to the URL:
This takes you to the Stanford Genomic Resources home page.  From
there, you can access AtDB, the Arabidopsis thaliana Database project,
as well as SGD, the Saccharomyces Genome Database, and the genome
research centers at Stanford.

Please note that we are focusing our efforts on the WWW presentation.
A WWW browser is required to have access to all the information we are
providing.  However, the basic information is available via Gopher at
the URL:
We are considering terminating Gopher access in late 1996.

The goal of the current NSF-funded AtDB project is to develop a
prototype of the next generation of Arabidopsis database. This will
provide the user with an easy-to-use interface to the vast amount of
data being produced by the Arabidopsis research community. In parallel
with the development of the new database, we will continue to collect
new information, which will be made available through the AtDB WWW
site at Stanford.  In addition, a small proportion of the funding does
enable us to continue to maintain and distribute the information
previously collected by the AAtDB group in Boston.

The staff on the Stanford AtDB project are: Mike Cherry, PI; David 
Flanders, Curator; and Fabien Petel; Scientific Programmer.  AAtDB has 
been provided for the past four years by Howard Goodman, MGH/Harvard, and 
was created by Mike Cherry and Sam Cartinhour and, for the past two 
years, has been curated by John Morris. 

Please send all correspondence regarding AtDB to 
atdb-curator at  

[Note for webmasters with links to the Arabidopsis Links at Harvard 
<>: You may wish to change your 
link to the Stanford site <>.]

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