UMC 95 RFLP Maize Genetic Map

Mary Polacco maryp at
Fri Feb 3 19:38:59 EST 1995


The University of Missouri UMC 95 RFLP Maize Genetic Map is now
available, with Map Scores, from the MaizeDB WWW server:

The map population was an immortal F2 from Tx303 x CO159.

To access the Chromosome Maps, select the option WWW, then simple
In the Entity field, choose Map.
In the descriptor field, type:
 	umc 95
	umc 95%2 [i.e., for the chromosome number]

To access the Map Scores, select the option WWW, then complex query,
then Map Population/MapScores. From the list of Panel Types, select
Immortal F2. 

The UMC 95 RFLP Map Core Markers are listed on the top page of the
MaizeDB server (address listed above) and a form is provided
for probe requests.

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