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                           NEW PERIODICAL ANNOUNCEMENT

Edited by V. E. Kipyatkov, Socium, St. Petersburg, 1993, vol. 2, 222 pp.

     This volume contains 27 papers written by the authors of the talks
presented at the Second International Colloquium of the Russian Language
Section of the International Union for the Study of Social Insects held in
Rybnoe (Ryazan district, Russia) 21-27 September 1992.

     "Proceedings of the Colloquia on Social Insects" is a new periodical which
will be published each two years by the Russian Language Section of the IUSSI.
The volumes will contain papers written in English and in Russian submitted to
the International Colloquia on Social Insects which will be organized by the
Russian Language Section of the IUSSI each two years. Submitted manuscripts
will be due to a normal refereeing procedure.

     The next third volume will be issued at the end of 1995 and will contain
papers of the Third International Colloquium on Social Insects held in Kiev,
Ukraine 26 September - 2 October 1994.

                               CONTENTS of VOL. 2

Papers written in English:

Billen, J. - Morphology of the exocrine system in ants - 15 pp.
Heinze, J. and D. Ortius - Intracolonial conflicts in Leptothoracine ants -
   7 pp.
Kipyatkov, V. E. - Annual cycles of development in ants: diversity, evolution,
   regulation - 24 pp.
Kipyatkov, V. E. and E. B. Lopatina - Regulation of annual cycle of development
   in ants of the subgenus Serviformica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) - 12 pp.
Lopatina, E. B. and V. E. Kipyatkov - The influence of temperature on brood
   development in the incipient colonies of the ants Camponotus herculeanus (L.)
   and Camponotus xerxes Forel (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) - 14 pp.
Andreev, A. V., V. S. Stratan and V. I. Patrashku - Wild bees (Hymenoptera,
   Apoidea) succession on alfalfa field - 6 pp.
Bogatyrev, N. R. - Foraging activity and organization of bumblebee colony:
   facts, hypotheses and tendencies - 9 pp.
Kakpakov, V. T., O. V. Kabachova, E. I. Kachleva, A. V. Borodachev and
   V. N. Pozdnyakov - Cryoconservation of the honey bee sperm - 2 pp.
Lopatina N. G. and E. G. Chesnokova - Kynurenines in the memory processes of
   the honeybee Apis mellifera L. - 9 pp.
Russina, L. Yu., O. A. Vishnyakova and E. N. Laricheva - Egg-laying and
   aggressive behavior in three species of Polistes wasps - 7 pp.

Papers written in Russian (with English summaries):

Gilev, A. V. - Discrete variation of thorax pigmentation in ants of the genus
   Formica (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) - 3 pp.
Malozyomova L. A. and A. V. Gilev - Some aspects of load transport by the
   workers of red wood ants Formica s. str. (Hymenoptera, Formicidae) - 6 pp.
Akmuradov, A. I. - Development of termite nests of Anacanthotermes ahngerianus
   J. in various habitat conditions - 7 pp.
Zhuzhikov, D. P. - The origins and the evolution of termites - 20 pp.
Zhuzhikov, D. P. - Mechanical protection of buildings against subterranean
   termites - 2 pp.
Grechka, E. O. and L. Yu. Russina - On the modes of nest founding in Polistes
   wasps - 6 pp.
Russina, L. Yu. and E. O. Grechka - Life cycle of Polistes chinensis
   (Hymenoptera, Vespidae) in Kherson region - 12 pp.
Afinogenov, L. Z. - On the role of wing discoidal displacement in the honey bee
   - 4 pp.
Bilash, N. G. - The role of protein components in the honey bee feeding - 7 pp.
Giniyatullin, M. G. - Venom extraction and flying activity of honey bees -
   4 pp.
Grankin, N. N. - On the genetic structure of dark european forest bee race -
   5 pp.
Komissar, A. D. - Our mistaken opinions on the overwintering of the honeybee -
   6 pp.
Krivtsov, N. I. and D. V. Girnik - Floral specialization of honeybees as a
   character for selection - 6 pp.
Lebedev, V. I. and L. A. Red'kova - The behavior of the honeybees of different
   subspecies during the venom extraction - 5 pp.
Martynov, A. G. and N. N. Kharitonov - Seasonal and age variations of the water
   content in honeybee workers - 6 pp.
Nagornaya, I. M., T. M. Yefimenko and L. I. Bodnarchuk - Lysozyme-like
   microsporidial enzyme - 5 pp.
Odinets, A. A., V. E. Seradzhi, L. A. Degtyaryova and O. A. Odinets - Social
   organization of synanthropous cockroaches - 2 pp.

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