CFP and Workshop Annoucement

Paul E. Keller gg125 at
Mon Feb 6 19:21:20 EST 1995

                   Battelle Auditorium, Richland, Washington
                               March 30-31, 1995

The Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory (EMSL) and Applied
Physics Center at Pacific Northwest Laboratory (PNL), and the Richland
Section of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE)
are sponsoring a workshop to bring together scientists and engineers 
interested in investigating environmental and energy applications
of artificial neural networks (ANNs).  


The main objectives of this workshop are:
  - to provide a forum for presenting and discussing environmental 
    and energy applications of neural networks.
  - to serve as a means for investigating the potential uses of 
    neural networks in the U.S. Department of Energy's environmental
    cleanup efforts and energy programs.
  - to promote collaboration between researchers in national 
    laboratories, academia, and industry to solve real-world problems.

  - Environmental applications (modeling and predicting land, air,
    and water pollution; environmental sensing; spectroscopy; hazardous 
    waste handling and cleanup).
  - Energy applications (environmental monitoring for power systems, 
    modeling and control of power plants, power load forecasting, 
    fault location and diagnosis of power systems).
  - Commercial and industrial applications (environmental, economic, 
    and financial time series analyses and forecasting; chemical 
    process modeling and control).
  - Medical applications (analysis of environmental health effects,
    modeling biological systems, medical image analysis, and 
    medical diagnosis).

Who should attend?
This workshop should be of interest to researchers, developers, and 
practitioners applying ANNs in energy and environmental sciences and 
engineering, as well as scientists and engineers who see some potential for the 
application of ANNs to their  work.

The workshop will be held on March 30-31, 1995, from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.   An 
introductory tutorial on neural networks will be offered on March 29, 1995, and 
is recommended for participants who are new to neural networks.

Deadline for contributed presentations: Abstracts are due by February 10, 1995. 
Notification of acceptance will be mailed by: February 24, 1995.

The registration fee is $120 ($75 for students). Early registration by March 1, 
1995, is $100 ($50 for students). 

Workshop Organizing Committee:
Sherif Hashem, Workshop Chairman
Richard T. Kouzes
Paul E. Keller  
Lars J. Kangas 

For More Information, Contact:
Sherif Hashem   
Pacific Northwest Laboratory
P.O. Box 999, M/S K1-87
Richland, WA  99352
Telephone:  509-375-6995
Fax.:       509-375-6631
Internet:   s_hashem at
World Wide Web URL:

Also see the workshop's homepage on the World Wide Web at URL:


                           REGISTRATION FORM

Name:       ____________________________
Address:    ____________________________
Telephone:  ____________________________
Fax:        ____________________________
E-mail:     ____________________________

[   ]   I am interested in attending the neural network tutorial (no additional 
fee is required).
[   ]   I am interested in a bus tour of the Hanford Site (a Department of 
Energy site located north of Richland, Washington).

Registration Fee:

Regular:    $100    ($120 after March 1, 1995).
Student:    $50     ($75 after  March 1, 1995).

Please make your check payable to Battelle.

Mail the completed form and check to:

Janice Gunter
WEEANN Registration
Pacific Northwest Laboratory
Battelle Boulevard
M/S K1-87
Richland, WA 99352


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