CFP: ISUMA-NAFIPS'95 Special Session on FSS in SP Applications

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Mon Feb 6 21:26:05 EST 1995

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 We hope to see you in Maryland, USA, September 17-20, 1995.
 Special Session Organizing Committee




  The Joint Third International Symposium on
  Uncertainty Modeling and Analysis (ISUMA)

  Annual Conference of
  North American Fuzzy Information Processing Society (NAFIPS)

  SEPTEMBER 17-20, 1995

  University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland, U.S.A.

  In Cooperation with

          University of Maryland, College Park
          IEEE Computer Society
          American Water Resources Association



    L.F. Chaparro, University of Pittsburgh
    B.R. Kosanovic, University of Pittsburgh
    J. Mendel, University of Southern California
    R.J. Sclabassi, University of Pittsburgh


The special session on Fuzzy Sets and Systems in Signal Processing
Applications is intended to bring together researchers that are using the
concepts of fuzzy set theory in solving signal processing problems.

Topics of interest include but are not limited to:

      signal analysis and modeling
      signal prediction
      adaptive signal processing
      data compression and coding
      signal detection
      speech processing
      underwater acoustic signal processing
      biomedical signal processing
      signal processing for music
      signal processing hardware
      multidimensional signal processing

Paper submissions will be judged on their contents from both signal
processing and fuzzy set theory prospectives.  Only the papers that meet
these conditions will be considered for presentation in the special
session.  The papers that do not meet the special session requirements
will be reconsidered as regular conference papers.


   Submission of extended abstracts: APRIL 1, 1995
   Acceptance notification: MAY 15, 1995
   Full paper:  AUGUST 15, 1995 per authors' kit
   Conference:  SEPTEMBER 17-20, 1995


Please note that the instructions for the special session differ from the
instructions for regular conference papers.  Authors should prepare a 2-3
page summary of their paper, including figures and references.  Be complete
but concise.  The 3-page limit is a MAXIMUM.  The summary should clearly
state what is new or novel about the work and give sufficient details to
enable reviewers to make an informed judgment about the merit of the work.
All pertinent results that demonstrate the utility of the work should be
included.  In addition, the paper summary must explain how the concepts of
fuzzy sets and systems were combined with the signal processing aspects of
the problem.

Authors must submit 3 printed copies of their extended abstracts along
with a cover letter containing the complete mailing address, telephone
and telex/fax numbers, and E-mail address.  Cover letter should indicate
that the paper is being submitted to the special session on Fuzzy Sets and
Systems in Signal Processing Applications.

Please mail the requested material [via air mail] to:

  Professor Luis F. Chaparro
  Department of Electrical Engineering
  University of Pittsburgh
  436 Benedum Hall
  Pittsburgh, PA 15261, USA
  e-mail: chaparro at

This text and other informations are available by anonymous ftp on (/pub/bogdan/nafips95), and on World Wide Web at  Questions concerning the
special session only may be sent via e-mail to the organizing committee at
bogdan at Please specify ISUMA-NAFIPS'95 as a subject.



  Organizing Institution:    University of Maryland, College Park, MD, USA

  Conference Chairs

    Honorary Chairs:

      Lotfi A. Zadeh, Univ. of California at Berkeley
      George J. Klir, SUNY at Binghamton

    General Chair:

      Bilal M. Ayyub, Univ. of Maryland, College Park


      M.M. Gupta, Canada
      N. Green-Hall, USA
      M. Mukaidono, Japan
      H. Shibata, Japan
      I.B. Turksen, Canada
      H.-J. Zimmermann, Germany

    International Program Committee

      A.H.-S. Ang, USA
      B.M. Ayyub, USA
      J.C. Bezdek, USA
      J. Buckley, USA
      J.-L. Deng, P.R. China
      Z.A. Eldukair, Saudi Arabia
      D. Frangopol, USA
      H. Furuta, Japan
      N. Green-Hall, USA
      M. Gupta, Canada
      A. Haldar, USA
      U. Hohle, Germany
      P. Johnson, USA
      L. Kanal, USA
      J.M. Keller, USA
      E. Kerre, Belgium
      S. Kikuchi, USA
      G. Klir, USA
      D.H. Kraft, USA
      M.N. McAllister, USA
      M. Modarres, USA
      M. Mukaidono, Japan
      A.P. Sage, USA
      G.I. Schueller, Austria
      H. Shibata, Japan
      W. Tang, USA
      I.B. Turksen, Canada
      T. Vamos, Hungary
      T. Whalen, USA
      R.R. Yager, USA
      J. Yao, USA
      L. Zadeh, USA
      H.-J. Zimmermann, Germany

    Local Organizing Committee

      Bilal M. Ayyub
      Yun-Hsi Oscar Chang
      Ru-Jen Chao
      Peggy Johnson
      Laveen Kanal
      Rafi Muhanna
      Mohammed Modarres


The objective of the joint ISUMA-NAFIPS'95 Conference is to bring together
researchers from academic, governmental and industrial institutions to
discuss new developments and results in the fields of uncertainty modeling
and analysis, and fuzzy processing of information including probabilistic
methods, Bayesian approaches, fuzzy reasoning, and risk management.
Researchers and engineers from universities, research institutions,
industries, businesses and governmental agencies are invited to participate.
The conference will consist of the following types of contributions:

   - invited plenary and survey papers, each giving a representative
     overview of a problem area with case studies [45 minutes];
   - submitted papers within the scope of the conference [25 to 30 minutes];
   - discussion sessions on selected important topics of general interest;
     and tutorials on selected topics.


The conference will include the following general topics, with emphasis on

      Uncertainty modeling and analysis
      Probabilistic and Bayesian methods
      Fuzzy and approximate reasoning
      Applications in engineering
      Fuzzy sets and possibility theory
      Structural reliability assesment
      Reliability and risk analysis & management
      Software and hardware development
      Information theory
      Fuzzy control and neural networks


The official language of the symposium shall be English.


Accepted papers will appear in the conference proceedings to be published
by the IEEE - Computer Society. Selected papers will be published in a special
edited book.


The conference will also include exhibits of the latest publications in the
conference areas, hardware and software developments, and commercial and
scientific publications. Potential exhibitors should plan to sign up early
for exhibit space, which is reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.
Each exhibitor will be provided with a space and an exhibit table. The cost
for each exhibit space is $650.


Registration fee is U.S. $285 which covers a copy of the proceedings,
breaks and the banquet.


The conference will be held at the Center of Adult Education, University
of Maryland, College Park. A block of rooms will be reserved for participants
at the center. Information about other hotels around the University of
Maryland will be provided. The daily rate for these rooms is about $70 to $80.


The Center for Adult Education of the University of Maryland, College Park,
is a complete conference facility located adjacent to the College Park
Campus, inside the Capital Beltway (I-495), about 10 miles from the center
of Washington D.C. Airports that serve the area in order of proximity are the
Baltimore-Washington Airport (12 miles) the Washington National Airport
(15 miles) and Dulles International Airport (30 miles). Bus and taxi services
are available from these airports to the center.


A social program will be offered to the participants and to accompanying
persons.  Detailed information will be provided in the final invitation.
Conference tours will be organized to attractions in the Washington area.

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