Eighth IIGB Meeting: Workshop on Evolution and Development

Graziella Persico persico at iigbna.iigb.na.cnr.it
Wed Feb 8 12:53:56 EST 1995

Eighth IIGB Meeting

Evolution and Development

7 - 10 October, 1995

Hotel La Palma, Capri, Italy

Organizers: Paolo Bazzicalupo, Umberto di Porzio,
            Jim McGhee and Antonio Simeone

The Workshop will include the following topics: evolutionary mechanisms
and developmental biology; evolution of regulatory genes; neurobiology
and the evolution of sensory structures; conserved mechanisms of
cell-cell signalling.


Philippe Brulet, Paris				Yuh Nung Jan, San Francisco
Pierre Chambon, Strasbourg			Stuart Kauffman, Santa Fe
Cyrus Chothia, Cambridge				Thomas C. Kaufman, Bloomington
Simon Conway Morris, Cambridge		Cynthia Kenyon, San Francisco
Joseph G. Culotti, Toronto				Roderick R. McInnes, Toronto
Denis Duboule, Geneva				Markus Noll, Z?rich
Anthony J. Durston, Utrecht			Eric N. Olson, Houston
Gerald M. Edelman, La Jolla			Nipam H. Patel, Baltimore
Walter J. Gehring, Basel				Janet Rossant, Toronto
Peter Gruss, G|ttingen				Frank H. Ruddle, New Haven
Philip W. Ingham, London				Ralf Sommer, T?bingen
Herbert J{ckle, G|ttingen				Lewis Wolpert, London
Fran?ois Jacob, Paris				Jerry Yin, Cold Spring Harbor

IIGB Meeting coordinators: M. Graziella Persico and Umberto di Porzio 

The number of participants is limited to 60.  There will be no poster
Instructions for application are available on 

World Wide Web (http://sun01.iigb.na.cnr.it) 

or can be requested from Dr. M.G. Persico, IIGB, Via Marconi, 10, 80125
Naples, Italy; Fax (+39-81) 5936123 or 7257202, e-mail:
persico at iigbna.iigb.na.cnr.it  Deadline for application is  May 15th. 
Applicants will be notified by June 15th.  The registration fee of Lit
850.000 will include board and lodging.  A few registration fee waivers
will be available upon request.

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