Invertebrate hemoglobins - symposium

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Wed Feb 8 22:11:09 EST 1995


VENUE - Honolulu

DATE - One and a half days between 18 - 22 December 1995

AUSPICES - International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies

         - Everyone welcome, from everywhere, no memberships required

TOPICS - all aspects of invertebrate hemoglobins including structure,
quaternary structure, function, physiology, protein sequence, genes, introns,
evolution, technology 

FORMAT - 30 min talks, 10 minute talks, posters

FURTHER INFORMATION - contact any of the three organizers:

(1) Clive Trotman, University of Otago, New Zealand,
email  bioccnt at

(2) Serge Vinogradov, Wayne State University, Detroit,
email  svinogr at

(3) Mitiko Go, Nagoya University, Japan,
email  d42807b at

REGISTRATION - Papers from Mrs Christine Pruitt, American Chemical Society,
email  pacif95 at   or   cpp91 at

ABSTRACTS - 31st March 1995

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