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                      FINAL CALL FOR ABSTRACTS
***    The 2nd International Pharmaceutical Biotechnology Conference     ***
                        APRIL,  23 - 27  1995
                        GHENT, BELGIUM, EUROPE

Main topics :
     Gene Therapy, Vaccines and Monoclonal Antibodies, Drug Delivery Systems,
     Modification of Plants, Drug Design, Biotechnology in the Treatment of
     Cancer, Pharmacoeconomics, Human Genome Project, ......


   A. Angiuoli (USA)       H. Galjaard  (NL)     H. Moereels (Belgium)
   G. Bleeker  (USA)       D. Crommelin (NL)     M. Mareel (Belgium)
   D. Brizner  (USA)       W. Gibbons (UK)       M. Soria (Italy)
   T. Blundell (UK)        J. De Muth (USA)      T. Osslund (USA)
   N. Burnette (USA)       L. Hansen  (USA)    J-P. Osselaere (Belgium)
   R. Braeckman (USA)      W. Fiers (Belgium)    H. Robays (Belgium)
   S. Cohen (USA)          I. Hart (UK)          M. Van Montagu (Belgium)
   J. Chamberlain (USA)    D. Heyd (Israel)      K. Seamon (USA)
   R. Dobbelaere (Belgium)Ph. Johnson (USA)      G. Reeder (USA)
   J. Cooke (UK)           S. Huber (USA)        N. Spurr (UK)

    President: Prof. Dr. E. Van den Eeckhout
               University of Ghent FFW
               Harelbekestraat  72                Tel: 32 9 221 99 43
               B-9000         GENT                Fax: 32 9 220 66 88
               BELGIUM, EUROPE

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                                     Pharmaceutical Biotechnology.
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                                 # pre / post - conference tours to
                                     beautiful cities in Europe.

Dirk Vandenberghe
secretary IAPB vzw
University of Ghent
Laboratory of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

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