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********** SYMPOSIUM ANNOUNCEMENT **********

Fluorescent Proteins and Applications

PLACE/DATE:     Hyatt Rickeys, Palo Alto, California, USA; March 6-7,
Organizers:  Douglas C. Youvan
James W. Larrick

Registration info:  PAIMMFP at AOL.com
Sponsor:  Palo Alto Institute of Molecular Medicine
2462 Wyandotte St. 
Mountain View, CA 94043
or  T: (415) 694-1420  F: (415) 694-7717  


Roger Beachy, Scripps, "Use of GFP for Studies of Replication and Local
Spread of Plant Viruses."

John R. Blinks, U. Washington, "Photoprotein Ca2+ Indicators: Prospects
for Improvements."

Roger Brent, Harvard, "Fluorescent Dissection of Regulatory Protein

Martin Chalfie, Columbia University, "GFP in Worms and Flies."

Marie Chow, U. Arkansas, Discussion Leader.

Fredric S. Fay, U. Mass., "Dynamics of Molecular Organization Revealed
Using Fluorescent Probes."

Scott E. Frasier, Cal Tech, "Studies of Neural Cell Lineages Using
Injectable Fluorescent Tracers."

Alexander Glazer, U.C. Berkeley, "Phycobiliproteins as a Fluorescent

Margaret A. Goodell [R. Mulligan Lab], Whitehead Inst., "Retrovirus
Expression of GFP."

Woody Hastings, Harvard, "Living Light."

Robert Haselkorn, U. Chicago, "GFP as a Reporter  in Cyanobacterium

Curtis Holt, Scripps, "High Level Expression from Tobacco Mosaic Virus."

Nancy Hopkins, MIT, "GFP Expression in Zebrafish."

Steven A. Kay, U. Virginia, "Dynamic Analysis of Transcription in Living

M.E. Michel-Beyerle, T.U. Munich, "Physics of Fluorescence."

Douglas Prasher, USDA/APHIS, Discussion Leader.

Franklyn Prendergast, Mayo Foundation, "Fluorecent Spectral Properties of

Pamela Silver, Dana Faber Cancer Inst., "Nuclear Protein Dynamics in
Living Yeast Cells."

A. A. Szalay, U. Alberta, "Visualization of Light Emission from Luciferase
Genes in Transgenic Organisms."

Roger Tsien, U.C.S.D., "Mutagenesis and Improvement of GFP."

Peter Walter, U.C.S.F., "Using GFP to Study Protein Targeting in Yeasts."

xWilliam W. Ward, Rutgers, "Native GFP and Purification of Recombinant

Douglas C. Youvan, P.A.I.M.M., "Combinatorial Mutagenesis and Digital
Imaging Spectroscopy."

Poster Presentations Welcome 

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