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Fri Jan 6 16:40:46 EST 1995

        *****************   SECOND CALL FOR PAPERS   *****************

                 The Third International Conference on
                Intelligent Systems for Molecular Biology

                           July 16-19, 1995
                            Cambridge, UK.


     Organizing Committee                      Key Dates

Christopher Rawlings, ICRF, UK		 Papers due:         Feb 15, 1995.
Dominic Clark, ICRF, UK			 Replies to authors: Mar 27, 1995.
Russ Altman,  Stanford U, USA		 Revised papers due: Apr 20, 1995.
Lawrence Hunter, NLM, Bethesda, USA
Thomas Lengauer, GMD-SCAI, Germany
Shoshana Wodak, UCMB, ULB, Belgium

     Program Committee

Yutaka Akiyama		Kyoto University, Japan
Stephen Altschul	NCBI, USA
Kiyoshi Asai		Electrotechnical Laboratory, Japan
Hans-Joachim Boehm	BASF, Germany
Soren Brunak		Centre for Biological Sequence Analysis, Denmark
Bruce Buchanan		University of Pittsburgh, USA
Christian Burks		Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Andreas Dress		University of Bielefeld, Germany
Jacquelyn Fetrow	University at Albany, USA
John Fox		Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK
Bob Futrelle		Northeastern University, USA
Janice Glasgow		Queens University, Canada
Michael Gribskov	San Diego Supercomputer Centre, USA
David Haussler		University of California Santa Cruz, USA
Peter Karp		SRI International, USA
Toni Kazic		Washington University, St Louis, USA
Alan Lapedes		Los Alamos National Laboratory, USA
Rick Lathrop		Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
Michael Mavrovouniotis	Northwestern University, USA
Marcie McClure		University of Nevada, Las Vegas, USA
Satoru Miyano		Kyushu University, Japan
Richard Mott		Imperial Cancer Research Fund
Art Olson		Scripps Institute, USA
Rebecca Parsons		University of Central Florida, USA
Francois Rechenmann	INRIA, France
Otto Ritter		German Cancer Centre, Germany
Burkhard Rost		EMBL, Germany
Jean Sallantin		CNRS, France
Chris Sander		European Bioinformatics Institute, UK
David Searls		University of Pennsylvania, USA
Jude Shavlik		University of Wisconsin, USA
Mike Sternberg		Imperial Cancer Research Fund, UK
Gary Stormo		University of Colorado, USA
Willie Taylor		National Institute for Medical Research, UK
Ed Uberbacher		Oak Ridge National Laboratory, USA
Teresa Webster		Stanford University, USA

        *****************  CALL FOR PAPERS   *****************

The Third International Conference on Intelligent Systems for Molecular
Biology (ISMB-95) will take place at Robinson College, Cambridge, England
during July 16-19th, 1995.

The ISMB conference is intended to bring together scientists who are
addressing problems in molecular biology using advanced computational
methods including data modelling, machine learning, artificial
intelligence, cognitive science, robotics, combinatorial/stochastic
optimization, adaptive computing, string & graph algorithms, linguistic
methods and parallel computer technologies.  The scope extends to any
computational method or system supporting a biological task that is
algorithmically, cognitively or conceptually challenging, involves a
synthesis of heterogeneous information, or in some other way exhibits the
emergent properties of an "intelligent system."  In general these methods
will have been validated on real data sets or have clear practical

The four-day conference will feature introductory and advanced tutorials
(on July 16th), and presentations of original refereed papers, posters and
invited talks (on July 17th-19th).

Paper submissions will be accepted for review with the understanding that
the same work has not been published elsewhere.  Papers should be
single-spaced, 12 point type, 12 pages maximum including title, abstract,
figures, tables, and bibliography with titles.  The first page should
include the full postal address, electronic mailing address, telephone and
FAX number of each author.  Also, please list five to ten keywords
describing the methods, concepts and problems discussed in the paper.
State whether you wish the paper to be considered for oral presentation
only, poster presentation only or for either presentation format.  


A. Six printed copies of each paper should be submitted to the following

   c/o Dr. Christopher Rawlings,
   Biomedical Informatics Unit,
   61, Lincoln's Inn Fields,
   London, WC2A 3PX


B. Send email to ismb95 at including the following information:


   For other authors  : NAME, AFFILIATION, E-MAIL ADDRESS

   *or other author responsible for correspondence


For more information concerning the conference, tutorial submissions and
travel fellowships see the ISMB'95 World Wide Web page.

		WWW  :
		email: ismb95 at
		Fax  : +44 (0) 171 269 3067

        *****************  END OF CALL FOR PAPERS   *****************

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