Internet articles in the FASEB Journal

Allan Frey afrey at
Thu Jan 12 01:58:59 EST 1995

The FASEB Journal is running a bimonthly column on the Internet
written by a biologist for biologists.  It is entitled "The Internet 
Biologist" by Allan H. Frey (afrey at

The first column appeared in the Nov. issue of the FASEB Journal.
In that column, Frey stated "In the column, I will assume that:
a) the reader is already overloaded trying to do biology; that 
accessing and using the Internet is seen merely as a tool that should
require the minimum (preferably almost no) time and thought; b)
there are two audiences: one consists of new users and the other
consists of biologists who are familiar with the Internet and
already use e-mail and discussion groups (newsgroups).  In each
column, I shall address the interests of each group."  He then goes on
to discuss features of the Internet relevant to biologists.

In the second column that appears in this month's issue of the FASEB
Journal, he provides a sample of some of the resources available on 
the Internet that are especially useful to biologists.  

The third column will appear in the March issue of the journal and 
will be concerned with the World Wide Web and its browsers such as

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