ANNOUNCE: Lecture on "Hypersea: Life on Land"

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                  HYPERSEA: Life on Land

 What role does Homo sapiens play in the grand scheme of biodiversity?

SOUTH HADLEY, Massachusetts--On Thursday, January 19, 1995, Mark
McMenamin, professor of Geology at Mount Holyoke College, will speak on
the paleontological history of land life and the risks to humans posed
by the millions of land-based organisms.  The lecture represents the
efforts of Mr. McMenamin to answer questions such as "Why is it that
there is much more life on land than in the sea when there is so much
more sea surface than land surface?" and "How long has this been the
case, and what are the environmental implications of this abundance of
life on land?"  In conjunction with his book titled "Hypersea : Life on
Land" co-authored by Dianna McMenamin and published in December by
Columbia University Press, and the January Term course Hypersea In the
Hot Zone, Mr. McMenamin will lecture on what role human kind plays in
this geological and biological entity.

The lecture, which is sponsored by the Department of Geology at Mount
Holyoke College and the Columbia University Press, will begin at 7:00
PM in 101 Dwight Hall; it is free and open to public.

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