Continued problems on the UH Gene-Server

Dan Davison dbd at
Tue Jan 17 00:19:48 EST 1995

The UH Gene-Server has lost *another* disk, this time on the server
that runs the email retrieval software.  The disk is under warranty
but will be down for several weeks.  

We will be moving the Gene-Server software to a new machine over the
next week and an announcement will be made when the email server is up
again.  The FTP and Gopher servers will be up intermittently.

On the positive side, the new hardware for the Gene-Server has arrived
and this outage will be a lot shorter than it would have been otherwise.

To summarize:

DOWN: gene-server at (e-mail retrieval of PIR and molbio


UP: Gene-Finder (server at sequence analysis services (of limited usefulness if the FTP site is down)

dan davison
gene-server manager

The UH Gene-Server is supported by the National Science Foundation and
the National Library of Medicine.

dr. dan davison/dept. of biochemical and biophysical sciences/univ. of
Houston/4800 Calhoun/Houston,TX 77054-5934/davison at at UHOU
Disclaimer: As always, I speak only for myself, and, usually, only to

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