Computer networks for environment preservation and ecology

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Wed Jan 18 20:18:23 EST 1995

Computer networks for environment preservation and ecology:

              For a cleaner and safer environment


Safety and environmental preservation have become two of
today's most vital issues. International organizations, social
groups, private institutions and governments all over the world
are making considerable effort to organize, develop and support
initiatives designed to help avoid the use of harmful substances
in industry and agriculture and to reduce or recycle wastes.

At the same time electronic networks have grown exponentially in
recent years to become an enormous web of interlinked computers
loosely know as the Internet. The Internet allows personal
communication, electronic conferences, group disscusions, data
transfer and database access, to mention only a few of the
available services.  Such tools, previously used only at
academic sites and universities, are now available to
individuals and organizations working on environment-related
activities. The vast set of services available to them on the
Internet is the material for this workshop on the use of
computer networks for environment preservation, biosafety and

The Workshop "Computer networks on environment preservation and
ecology" is organized by CIGBnet, the scientific network of the
CIGB (Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology). 
The workshop will be held paralell to "Biotecnologia 95," a 
congress on biotechnology in animals, plants and industry, 
in November 1995 in Havana, Cuba.


- Review of the state-of-the-art of computer and networking technology
  with emphasis on low-cost solutions.
- Internet connectivity
- Internet services for environment preservation and ecology: gopher
  services, database access, WAIS, WWW
- The use of electronic mail for personal and group communication, 
  project coordination and monitoring.
- Mailing lists, electronic conferences.

Conferences and lectures prepared by groups working on different projects
as well as by specialists in communications and networking technology will
be provided. Round tables on topics regarding the use of
networks on environmental activities are planned.

Facilities, technical support and services:
CIGBnet will provide its installations and computer equipment as
an in-kind contribution, as well as computer systems management
and support services. Enhanced services will be available during the


The purpose of the present announcement is to identify possible
sources of funding to cover the costs of the meeting.

Contributions of the following forms from individuals, projects
and organizations will be welcomed:

-Financial support to cover the transportation and expenses of invited
 lecturers and instructors and for participants from the 3rd 
 World who would not otherwise be able to attend.

-Computer and networking equipment to enhance existing
facilities during the workshop.

-Access to electronically stored environmental information
(databases) on biosafety, ecology, biosecurity.


Carlos Armas, CIGBnet  Network Manager
Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology
Havana Cuba
email: carmas at
fax:   537 218070
vox:   537 218200

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