Medora meeting for internet

Fri Jan 20 00:57:58 EST 1995


Dates:     Thursday, May 18 (noon) - Saturday, May 20, 1995


Goals:    - explore the interface between molecular population genetics and
ecology at a variety of spatial and temporal scales

     - examine the implications of this interface for conservation biology
and the preservation of biodiversity

Format: The meeting will feature presentations by well-known
biologists including, John Avise (University of Georgia), Peter
Broussard (University of Nevada, Reno), Terry Erwin (Smithsonian
Institution), Robert Fleischer, (Smithsonian Institution), Lewis Oring
(University of Nevada, Reno), and Patricia Parker (The Ohio State
University).  A poster session for all participants will run
continuously between the presentations.  A major objective of the
meeting is to stimulate research ideas that are broadly related to the
area of conservation biology.  Posters by students are especially
invited.  Field trips to the Badlands are being arranged for Saturday,
May 20.

Planning: Medora is an attractive small town (population 112) nestled
in the Badlands of western North Dakota at the entrance of the
Theodore Roosevelt National Park.  The town is easily reached by
Interstate 94.  Participants arriving by air will be picked up at
Bismarck airport and driven to Medora about two hours west.  Bismarck
is serviced by Northwest, Frontier, and United Airlines. The meeting
will be limited to 150 participants.  Information about registration,
hotel costs, meal arrangements will be sent on request.  To help with
the planning, please return the following information by Feb. 15 to:

Mrs. Bernadette McNeil,  The Medora Meeting
Population Change and Genetic Diversity Focus Group
Stevens Hall, North Dakota State University
Fargo, ND 58105-5517

1.   Definitely plan to attend     4.   Name:
2.   May attend               5.   Address:
3.   Plan to present a poster
                         6.   Phone:__________;
Fax:__________; Email: __________

For further information contact Mrs Bernadette McNeil at:
Phone:  (701) 231- 7593 (afternoons only CST)
Fax:     (701) 231-7149
Email:   mcneil at

Hosts: Population Change and Genetic Diversity Focus Group of the
University of Dakota and North Dakota State University (Allan
Ashworth, Bonnie Bowen, John Eld Marvin Fawley, Colin Hughes, Diana
Lieberman, Milton Lieberman, Rebecca Reiss, I Schlosser, Donald
Schwert and Marion Skupski).

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