1994 Auditor General's Annual Report Chapters of Interest to Scienctists

Don Smith donsmith at hookup.net
Mon Jan 23 18:07:51 EST 1995

This message is to announce the following : 

The 1994 Annual Report of the Auditor General of Canada is currently 
available on the net. The gopher access address is :
gopher.phoenix.ca. Full address is : 


This report contains more than a thousand pages of detailed 
information. It is organized in 34 chapters reporting on the result 
of studies and audits completed. 

There are a number of chapters of specific interest to those
in the Scientific Community.  They will be found in the audit
section of the gopher files.  They are also available in the
French language.



      9      Science and Technology - Overall Management of
               Federal Science and Technology Activities
     10      Science and Technology - Management of
               Departmental Science and Technology Activities
     11      Science and Technology - The Management of
               Scientific Personnel in Federal Research
     13      Federal Management of the Food Safety System
     15      Atomic Energy Control Board - Canada's Nuclear
     19      Environment Canada - Environmental Partners Fund
     20      Environment Canada - Ice Services
     32      Department of Finance and Revenue Canada - Income
              Tax Incentives for Research and Development
- - - End - - -

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