ANNOUNCE: Physiology mailing list

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Tue Jan 24 17:28:34 EST 1995

Announcement: Physiology mailing list
(posted on behalf of the list-owner)


The physiology Mailbase discussion list has been set up encourage
discussion on any subject related to the interests of physiologists both in
the UK and internationally. Topics for discussion might include the
development and use of computer-based learning material, the sharing of
Internet resources such as FTP sites or database information as well as the
latest issues in physiology teaching and research. It is hoped that through
this list, new collaborative teaching or research initiatives might be
formed as a result of the increased communication between physiology

Every message sent to the physiology list is archived at Mailbase and
archives can be viewed by connecting to Mailbase via gopher or World Wide
Web (WWW). In either case, the address to connect to Mailbase is

How to Join

To join the physiology discussion list, send a the message

join physiology firstname(s) lastname

(e.g. subscribe physiology David Davies)

with a blank subject line to mailbase at

To send a message to the physiology list, simply address your message to
physiology at

To leave the physiology list, send the message 'unsubscribe physiology' to
mailbase at

Finally, any comments or suggestions relating to the activities of the
physiology lists are always gratefully received.

David Davies
Physiology List Owner

Email: d.a.davies at   Department of Physiology,
Tel:   0121 414 3255           Birmingham University, The Medical School,
Fax:   0121 414 6924           Edgbaston, Birmingham B15 2TT. UK.

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