Entomology Workshop

Jim Harris JHARRIS at laba.tdh.texas.gov
Thu Jan 26 00:11:30 EST 1995

I am pleased to announce the next medical entomology workshop in the Bureau 
of Laboratories scheduled for February 15-16 in Austin.  
This is a hands-on workshop where participants will 
examine medically important arthropods.  Some associated lectures include 
arthropod-borne diseases, Africanized honey bees, delusional parasitoses, 
and vector control.
The fee for this workshop is $130.  If you wish to attend, please e-mail a 
response, or call me at 512-458-7566 and reserve a place.  We are 
limited to 12 slots and several applications have already been 
received.  Please let me hear from you soon.

Jim Harris, Ph.D.
Training Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories

jharris at LABA.tdh.texas.gov

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