Professor G. Lubec glubec at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk
Wed Jan 25 19:14:06 EST 1995

                     Vienna, Austria, august 7-11 th 1995

                   Announcement and call for presentations

This is to invite you to present and participate in the meeting on
amino acids.  We will be happy having your participation and
contribution.  Our multidisciplinary meeting gives an excellent
insight into updated knowlwdge on amino acids in different fields as
reflected by the many topics covered.

If you want to contribute please submit a title at your earliest
convenience.  As we want to obtain most recent research data we do not
expect an abstract yet.  The abstract, however, should be sent until
april 30 th 1995 in order to allow publication prior to the meeting.
The abstracts will be published in our journal AMINO ACIDS, Springer
publishers, listed in Current Contents Life Sciences.  Please prepare
an abstract on an sheet of A4 format using 250 words approx, giving
titles, authors and institution of corresponding author only. If you
want to submit the full manuscript please let us know- in this case we
would supply instructions to authors.

The deadline for the submissions of titles is february 28th 1995. The
deadline for registration is may 31st 1995. The deadline for
submission of abstracts is april 30th 1995.

Early registration is recommended due to a limitation to 600
participants.  Early accomodation and travel arrangements would also
reduce costs.  The registration form should be completed and submitted
to Dr B. Lubec (address see below) along with payment of the
registration fee, preferably as cheque.  Registration is not valid
unless accompanied by payment. Enquiries on the scientifique program
should be sent to Dr. B. Lubec.  Information on cultural, social
events, travelling, housing, accomodation will be sent to you on
request by American Express Vienna, Mr. Thomas Wagner, phone: ++ 43 1
515 11 401 or best by fax; ++ 43 1 515 11 555.

Looking forward to meeting you and enjoynig your presentation and participation

Prof. Dr. Gert Lubec, CChem, FRSC
University of Vienna, Dpt of Paediatrics
Wahringer Gurtel 18, A-1090 Vienna, Austria
fax: ++43 1 40400 3238
e-mail: glubec at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk

                    Vienna, Austria, august 7-11th 1995


             Chemistry Medicine Biology Nutrition Pharmaceutics

chemistry-glutamine-excercise-nephrology-basic chemistry-neurobiology-
gastroenterology-plant chemistry and physiology-epilepsy-psychiatry-taurine-
free radicals and radiation chemistry-inborn errors-molecular biology-
chemistry-cardiology-carnitine-natural products-modification of amino acids
(phosphorylation, glycosylation, ...)-memory and learning etc.

Prof. Dr. Gert Lubec, CChem, FRSC
University of Vienna, Dpt of Paediatrics
Wahringer Gurtel 18, A-1090 Vienna, Austria
fax: ++43 1 40400 3238
e-mail: glubec at hgmp.mrc.ac.uk


                  4 th International Congress on AMINO ACIDS

                      Vienna, Austria, august 7-11th 1995

                             REGISTRATION FORM

    I will be participating in the congerss cited above.



    The registration fee of US $ 350 was paid to the Erste Osterreichische
    SparCasse, Vienna, 9 Lazarettgasse, account no. 096.05878
    A cheque for US $ 350 is enclosed.




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