Biotechnology and Farm Animals - BARC Symposium XX

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An upcoming meeting sponosred by the USDA Agricultural Research Service.  
See Contact information below.
R. Dobert, Biotech Info Center

BARC Sumpsium XX "Biotechnology's Role in the Genetic Improvement of Farm 
Animals" will be held May 14-17, 1995, at the Beltsville Agriculture 
Research Center, Beltsville, MD, 20705.

The purpose of the symposium is to present and evaluate the impact of
recent advances in biotechnology including gene mapping and gene transfer
on science, production and society. 

The program will include sessions on Genetic Diversity, Mapping 
Technologies, Embryo and Gamete Technology, Acceptance of Biotechnology, 
Political and Social Issues and Marker Application.  Speakers include 
Michael Strauss, AAAS; Patrick Kennedy, Trinity College, Ireland; Keith 
Hammond, FAO; Roger Gerrits, ARS, USDA; Craig Beattie, ARS, USDA; Joan 
Lunney, ARS, USDA; Susan Lamont, Iowa State University; Noelle 
Mugli-Cockette, Utah State University; James Womack, Texas A&M 
University; Harris Lewin, University of Illinois; Bill Day, University of 
Missouri; Ian Wilmut, Roslin Institute, U.K.; Larry Johnson, ARS, USDA; 
Robert Wall, ARS, USDA; Steven Stice, University of Massachusetts; 
Bernard Wentworth, University of Wisconsin; Steve Bauer, FDA; Pat Basu, 
FSIS, USDA; Gerald Gaull, Georgetown University; Joel Weller, Volconi 
Center, Israel; Lief Anderson, Swedish University & Agricultural Science, 
Sweden; Margaret Dentine, University of Wisconsin; Wayne Fairfull, Ag 
Canada; John Keele, ARS, USDA; Paul Van Raden, ARS, USDA. 
Two poster sessions will be held.  

Registration is $175. and $75. for students and includes the scientific
meeting, proceedings, luncheon and socials.  For information, please
contact Virginia Hupfer at 301-504-6108 or (fax) 301-504-6357.  Beltsville
is accessible from Baltimore or Washington Airports. 

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