UK Bioinformatics: call for proposals

Alan Bleasby ajb at
Tue Jan 31 15:24:15 EST 1995

The appended is of interest to UK people only (but as many UK people subscribe
to BIOSCI I feel no shame in posting this). It is a call for grant proposals
and makes a refreshing change from the usual MAKE MONEY FAST idiocies.

Alan Bleasby
BIONET manager

BBSRC/EPSRC Programme in Bioinformatics
Call for Proposals

The    BBSRC and  EPSRC   jointly   announce a new   interdisciplinary
coordinated    programme in bioinformatics,   which    is intended  to
consolidate the previous bioinformatics activities of SERC and AFRC.

Advances in the technology employed  in biological sciences have given
rise to huge amounts of data. Making a  broad range of biological data
easily  available is  essential if  it  is to  be  of use to  the wide
community.  For  accessing   and  interlinking these    data, advanced
software  tools, together with user  interfaces,  will be essential to
make the best use of this wealth of information.

Outline  proposals for research  grants are sought   from all areas of
bioinformatics, especially in the following general areas:

*    Analysis of sequences and genomes
*    Biomolecular structure prediction and modelling
*    Novel approaches to the storage, integration and exploitation of evolving
     biological data collections
*    Novel applications of systems engineering techniques to biological

Proposals  which  bring together specialists    in biology and  IT are
particularly encouraged. The BBSRC/EPSRC coordinated programme will be
open  to scientists in  universities and  BBSRC  Institutes as well as
scientists from Government Research  Establishments and  Agencies, and
Institutes and  Units of   other   Research Councils. Funds   will  be
allocated through open competition.

Applications should be submitted  on the outline proposal forms. Forms
and further details  can be obtained  from Debbie Harding, Science and
Technology 2,  BBSRC, Polaris  House,  North Star Avenue,  Swindon SN2
1UH. Tel: 01793 413341, Email: debbie.harding at

The closing date for outline proposals is 28 February 1995.

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