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11th IFOAM Scientific Conference & 1st Organic World Exhibition
Copenhagen, Denmark. August 11 - 15th 1996

IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements)
unites 500 organisations from more than 100 countries to promote
organic agriculture as an ecologically sound and socially just,
sustainable method of food production.

The conference in Copenhagen is the 11th IFOAM scientific conference.
It was placed in Denmark in recognition of the advanced stage of
organic agriculture in Denmark.

The conference and the pre-conference tours will provide ample
opportunity to learn about organic agriculture and ecologically sound
living in Denmark and in the Scandinavian countries.

ifoam'96 is hosted by The Danish Association of Organic agriculture.
Secretariat: ifoam'96, Blegdamsvej 4, DK-2200 Copenhagen N, Denmark.
Tel: +45 3537 2096, Fax: +45 3537 4096, e-mail: ifoam96 at

This document contains the second announcement and 1st call for

     1) Goal and content of the conference
     2) 1st  call for papers
     3) Goals of the World Exhibition
     4) Call for Exhibitors
     5) Pre-conference tours
     6) General information
     7) Reply slip

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Down to Earth
- and Further Afield

1) Goal and content of the conference

The common concern of organic agriculture everywhere is to have
healthy and sustainable production methods, healthy products and a
healthy environment. This is a serious challenge to the "conventional"
world and in particular to organic agriculture: A persistent awareness
of fundamentals and new research and critical self reflection
regarding the wider implications of organic agriculture are necessary.

The 11th IFOAM Scientific Conference "Down to earth - and further
afield" will show the state of organic agriculture world wide. But
- even more importantly - it will go beyond that to work on questions
like the future direction of organic agriculture and what can organic
agriculture offer in a world increasingly endangered by hunger and
social conflict?

These are the common perspectives. Around the world, however,
individual problems and solutions present themselves. For example in
Denmark, the minister of agriculture recently announced his "Action
plan to further the production of organic food in Denmark". The goal
is to meet the consumer demand which in Denmark is far greater than
the recent production, and to stimulate it's continued growth.
Ultimately the plan aims at a total conversion of Danish agriculture
and society.

The action plan is an enormous challenge to Danish organic
agriculture: What initiatives are necessary to avoid the pitfalls of
conventional industrial mass production? How do we cope with the ever
increasing numbers of organic farms and farmers? How do we further
develop and incorporate organic research into mainstream agricultural

Within a global perspective these challenges may seem small. However,
by individual effort and initiative, we all undertake our
responsibility for shaping a sustainable future.

The Danish Association of Organic Agriculture is very happy to host
the 11th IFOAM Scientific Conference. Part of our endeavour will be
The 1st Organic World Exhibition, a new phenomenon in the era of IFOAM
Scientific Conferences. This combination of conference and exhibition:
Of science and know how; of projects, products, equipment and visions,
constitutes a unique platform for presenting the all encompassing
concept of organic agriculture.

The Scientific Conference

Due to the approach and concept of organic farming, the scientific
IFOAM conferences cover three main fields of activity:

     Natural resources
     Human resources and culture

Accordingly the 11th IFOAM scientific conference is open to
researchers from all the scientific disciplines: The natural, the
humanistic and the social sciences.

Furthermore, respecting the fact that organic agriculture primarily
was - and is - developed by practitioners (very often in spite of
established institutions), the IFOAM Scientific Conference also calls
for contributions from people of all professions: Farmers, teachers,
processors, retailers, consumers, development project officers, policy
makers, officials, experimentalists, etc.

Main topics:

SYSTEMS: Production systems:

 o Mixed farming
 o Stockless farming
 o Indigenous farming
 o Agro- and sustainable forestry
 o Other non food production (fibre and energy), as implemented
   under different local and regional conditions.

We emphasise, that all aspects of the systems are open to analysis and
debate: Biological, economic, productive, social, cultural and
political, including quality of life, quality of work etc.

QUALITIES: Product quality for human consumption:

 o Quality characteristics
 o Quality effects of processing, storing and transportation etc.
 o Human health

Qualities however, also cover qualitative consequences (Life Cycle
Assessment) of organic products and production systems on environment,
people and livestock:

 o Protection of the eco system/the natural resources (soil,
   water, air, bio diversity)
 o Animal welfare
 o Genetic erosion

SKILLS: Education in the broadest and most dynamic sense of the word.
That is, any methodological or practical endeavour to develop and
enhance skills, consciousness and behaviour necessary for

 o Children's and adult education
 o Formal and informal education (incl. philosophy and indigenous
 o Elementary and professional education
 o Private and public campaigning, etc.

ACTIONS: Projects and policies involving organic agriculture in
particular and sustainable development in general, regarding life
style, consumption, production, processing, trade, certification,
marketing, lobbying, funding, financing:

 o Development projects (individual or collective, private or
   public, local or regional)
 o Agricultural policy (national, inter- and transnational)
 o Trade policy (fair trade)

2) 1st Call For Papers

We call for all involved in research or activities in the above
mentioned fields to present papers at the conference.

Papers may be presented as oral papers, as video shows or as posters.
The programme committee will decide on the presentation form.

Programme committee: All contributions will be subject to evaluation
by a programme committee. On answering this call, you will receive
further guide-lines for your presentation. The members of the
committee are: senior researcher Erik Steen Christensen, research
fellow Niels Heine Kristensen, associate Prof. Per Koelster
(chairman), agricultural advisor Rikke Lundsgaard, editor Troels V.

All abstracts will be published to the conference. Selected papers
will be published in a book of proceedings.

3) Goals of the World Exhibition

In conjunction with the 11th IFOAM Scientific Conference there will be
a World Exhibition - the first ever fully organic! The exhibition will
show what is happening within the organic movement all over the world
such as what is produced and how, how rural development and organic
agriculture are co-operating, and how fair trade fits into the

Also exhibited will be all kinds of organic products from fruits and
vegetables to ice-cream and wine. In organic farming and gardening you
need tools and equipment of many different kinds; seeds and breeds
suited to the organic methods. All this and more will be at the
exhibition and so will the implements needed to help you to live in an
ecologically responsible way.

Not by bread alone: Artistic performances, speakers corner and various
organisations all offer you their ideas and visions for a better

The exhibition is open for the conference participants and for the
general public.

To make such a big exhibition a success we need your co-operation.

4) Call for Exhibitors

We call for all involved in organic agriculture, rural development and
human resource development to make an exhibition, performance,
demonstration or what ever form you may choose to share your
experiences with the conference participants and the Danish public.

We welcome

PROJECTS: Those connected with organic agriculture and organic living.
It could be farming communities, demonstration gardens, rural
development projects, town-land co-operations, landscaping

PRODUCTS: All kinds of organic products: vegetables, fruits and nuts,
milk and cheese, bread, wine.... for tasting

EQUIPMENT: All kinds of tools, seeds for farmers and gardeners,
breeds, animal housing, farm machinery, kitchen utensils, energy...

VISIONS: All kinds of projects or products not yet materialised,
political, religious....Your visions for a better future.

Costs: Commercial exhibitors are charged a fee. Non-commercial
enterprises are free of charge.

5) Pre-Conference Tours

ifoam'96 offers you a choice of tours prior to the conference both in
regard to which country you want to visit and in regard to the topics
that interest you. In Denmark you can choose between:

 o  "Organic agriculture in a politically and economically
    favourable climate" (6 days)
 o  Same (3 days)
 o  Small scale organic projects: gardening, speciality crops,
    self-sufficiency, eco-villages etc.

If you want to visit Norway , Sweden or Finland and study organic
agriculture under more northern climatic conditions that will also be

 o  The Norwegian tour will start in Kristiansand.
 o  The Swedish in Stockholm.
 o  A third tour takes you through parts of Finland and to
    Estonia. This tour starts in Helsinki.

All tours will end in Copenhagen in due time for the opening of the

6) General Information

The conference will be held in the centre of Copenhagen, Denmark. In
1996 Copenhagen will be the 12th consecutive Cultural Capital of
Europe. During the conference, Copenhagen will be buzzing with local,
national and international cultural events. The all encompassing
headline of the programme is "The arts, the environment and the human

The conference language is English. Simultaneous translation into
Spanish, French and German will be offered for keynote speakers,
sessions of general interest and selected workshops.

Conference Planning Dates
31 October, 1995:   Deadline for preliminary Abstracts
15 January, 1996:   Preliminary Programme and Registration Package
15 April,   1996:   Deadline for Final Abstract and Registration

Exhibition Planning Dates
31 October, 1995:   Deadline for Proposals
15 January, 1996:   Preliminary Programme and Registration Package
15 April,   1996:   Deadline for Registration

Overview 1996
 5 - 10   August:   Pre-conference Tours
11 - 15  August:    11th IFOAM Scientific Conference
10 - 13  August:    1st Organic World Exhibition
16 - 17  August:    IFOAM General Assembly

SAS has been appointed official carrier

Correspondence address:
Blegdamsvej 4.
DK-2200 Copenhagen N
Tel.: +45 35 37 20 96,
Fax:+45 35 37 40 96
e-mail: ifoam96 at

The Danish Ministry of Agriculture and Fishery funds the
conference planning.

7) Reply slip

If you want to participate in ifoam'96, be it as contributor to the
scientific conference, as exhibitor or as delegate. Please fill in the
forms below and send them to us as soon as possible and at the latest
by October 31st 1995. By the end of January 1996 you will receive the
preliminary programme and registration forms.


Title and name:_________________________________________________

Postal Address:_________________________________________________


City, Postal code:______________________________________________

Country: _______________________________________________________

Tel.: ________________________   Fax.: _________________________

e-mail: ________________________________________________________

Affiliation: ___________________________________________________


(_) Please send me the registration package

Conference Proposal

Title: _________________________________________________________


(_)  Oral presentation
(_)  Poster presentation
(_)  Slide or video presentation
(_)  Workshop presentation

My work is:

(_)  based on research               (_)  based on practice

Exhibition Proposal

Title: _________________________________________________________

My organisation is:

(_)  Non-commercial (groups, projects, etc.)
(_)  Commercial (firms, producers etc.)

Abstract/Description of conference or exhibition proposal:





(add more space as needed)

Return to ifoam'96 by mail, fax or e-mail at the latest by
October 31st 1995
Mail: ifoam'96 -- Blegdamsvej 4 -- DK-2200 Copenhagen N -- Denmark
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