Mpsearch E-mail Server at DNA Info. & Stock Center

Ugawa Yoshihiro ugawa at
Mon Jul 3 16:13:31 EST 1995

Announcement of MPsearch E-mail Server at DISC

DNA Information and Stock Center(DISC), National Institute of 
Agrobiological Resources, Tsukuba, Japan announces the "Mpsearch"
E-mail server of DNA/protein sequence homology search against 
DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank/PIR/Swissprot databases and their updates.

Mpsearch uses the Smith and Waterman algorithm running on Maspar,
massively paralleled computer system.

The address is
  mpsearch at
Getting help, send a word help in the body of the mail.

We also provide E-mail query submission page from the Web.

A short help document, URL infomations to other DISC servers
can be obtained by sending E-mail to:
  robohelp at

You can contact us at:
  support at

--Ugawa Yoshihiro
--DNA Information and Stock Center, Tsukuba, Japan

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