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Sat Jul 8 00:25:03 EST 1995

The Texas Department of Health Bureau of Laboratories announces several
workshops scheduled for 1995.  Further information and registration forms 
may be obtained by reply e-mail, phone or FAX to

James L. Harris, Ph.D.
Training Coordinator
Bureau of Laboratories
Texas Department of Health
phone: 512-458-7566
FAX: 512-458-7672
e-mail: jharris at


Medically Significant Gram Positive Cocci
September 13, 1995

Virology Strategies
September 25, 1995

Introductory Workshop on Medical Entomology
September 27-28, 1995

Laboratory Confirmation of Intestinal Parasites
October 4-6, 1995

Identification of Medically Important Filamentous Fungi
October 12-13, 1995

Clinically Relevant Cost Effective Community Hospital Microbiology
November 10 and November 11, 1995 (one day program)

Bacteriological Examination of Drinking Water
November 16-17, 1995

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