NEW: Release 1.0 of the Radiation Hybrid db

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Mon Jul 10 19:33:28 EST 1995

******* A new database for Radiation Hybrid Mapping data *******

The EBI announces the release 1.0 of a new database RHdb for 
Radiation Hybrid Mapping Raw data.

Radiation hybrid maps are an indispensable alternative to genetic
maps as they can include non-polymorphic markers and are also
powerful enough to order unresolved genetic clusters of polymorphic
STSs. An international collaborative project has been started
which will produce a large number of these hybrids for the human genome.
This in turn will allow the generation of a very precise STS map that
will be indispensable in the study of multifactorial diseases.

RHdb, the radiation hybrid database is an archive of raw
data with links to other related databases. The main data
is stored in a relational database.  Submissions to this
database are made using a standard format. Various export
formats will be supported, as well as different ways of
accessing the data. The traditional flat file format is
used to export text data on a regular basis.

The database flat-files (ASCII text) are accessible on the EBI ftp server :

There are 3 files : 
- exp.dat which contains the experimental conditions 
- panel.dat for the panel information
- rh.dat for the raw mapping data.

The files exp.doc, panel.doc and rh.doc contain the explanations
about the format and data.

The database is also accessible on the EBI WWW server at URL :
where you will find also the data submission format.

You can query the database through the SRS server at EBI. 

You can submit data to :  rhdb at
An ftp account can be opened for large submissions

Questions about the database can be sent to : datalib at
with "rhdb" on the "Subject:" line

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