A Workshop for Texas Science Teachers

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                      Radiation and Health
             A Workshop for Texas Science Teachers

The Issues
Every human being is exposed to ionizing radiation, hence we each
must make decisions regarding how this exposure will be controlled.
These decisions, even if made by default, can be of critical
importance to the individual as well as to society.  Consequently,
it is critical that teachers be prepared to equip their students
with the basic facts, concepts, and awareness of the sources of
reliable information with which to make rational decisions.

The Workshop
A series of one day Workshops entitled Radiation and Health will be
conducted to introduce and review the basic facts and concepts of
radiation and the associated benefits and risks.  The Workshops
will also address questions concerning how this material could be
presented at the various grade levels.  Participants will be given
resource materials, including a video tape, a computer "game," and
sample lesson plans to facilitate the use of the material in their
programs (in addition to a FREE radiation detector for
participating teachers'schools).

Workshops are being conducted in Bay City, Corpus Christi, and
College Station on the following dates:

              WHO:      The South Texas Chapter of
                        the Health Physics Society

              WHEN:     August 5, 1995 (Saturday)
              WHERE:    Matagorda Hotel and Conference Center
                        Bay City, Texas

              WHEN:     October 14, 1995 (Saturday)
              WHERE:    Regional Education Center
                        Corpus Christi, Texas

              WHEN:     November 4, 1995 (Saturday)
              WHERE:    Texas A & M University
                        College Station, Texas

              HOW MUCH: Absolutely FREE

              REGISTRATION   July 28, 1995 for Bay City workshop
              DEADLINES:     October 6, 1995 for Corpus Christi
                             October 27, 1995 for College Station

For registration forms, contact one of the following people:

A.J. Teachout, The University of Texas at Austin (512) 471-5787
e-mail: A.J.Teachout at mail.utexas.edu

Sharon Sharp (713) 331-7316 or (713) 601-0729 (Corpus Christi)

Michael Charlton (409) 845-6672 (College Station)
Program Description
The instructors are recognized educators in radiation science,
including the associated physics, radiation biology, and
environmental science.  They will be assisted by Chapter members,
who are all professional health physicists.  There will be a
sufficient number of assistants to permit one-to-one communications
(approximately a 4:1 teacher-assistant ratio).  Participants in the
workshop will be instructed in the basic concepts of radiation and
radioactivity, including where it can be found, how to detect it,
some important uses, and the potential risks.  Participants will
take part in experiments in radiation detection and measurement,
will develop lesson plans for use in their own school settings,
will learn to use the "Risk Ranking" computer game, and critique
the "Radiation, Fact and Myth" video.  The Workshop is designed to
provide participants with the materials needed to present the
information to their students.  The topics to be addressed are:

         Radiation:  what it is and why it matters
         Natural radiation: radon, uranium, cosmic, etc.
         Effects of radiation on people, including exposure during pregnancy
         Development of radiation uses, misuses, and the related controversy
         Development of radiation protection practices and "health physics"
         Detecting and measuring radiation
         Radiation in medicine:  diagnosis, therapy, and accidents
         Radioactive wastes

The Sponsor
The workshops are being conducted as a public service by the South
Texas Chapter of the Health Physics Society.  We are a private,
non-profit organization comprised of the Texas State section of the
national professional society of those scientists and technologists
devoted to protecting people and the environment from the ill
effects of radiation.  There is no charge for participants for any
of the materials provided.  Additionally, a free breakfast, coffee
breaks, and luncheon will be provided to participants.  The U.S.
Department of Energy has generously provided support for these
Workshops by covering many of the expenses of conducting the
Workshops.  Contributions from the business community and from
individuals have also been of help.  The remaining expenses,
including the cost of the radiation detection instruments, are
borne by the South Texas Chapter.

For Additional Information
The South Texas Chapter of the Health Physics Society will be
pleased to provide additional information about the Workshops and
the Chapter.  You are invited to call:

    David Fogle, Austin, Bureau of Radiation Control
         e-mail address:  dfogle at brc1.tdh.texas.gov
         voice:  (512) 834-6688;  FAX (512) 834-6690

    A.J. Teachout, Austin, University of Texas
         e-mail address:  a.j.teachout at mail.utexas.edu
         voice: (512) 471-5787;  FAX (512) 471-4589

    Linda Morris, Waco, Texas State Technical College
         (817) 867-4877;  FAX (817) 867-2300


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