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For immediate release	July 1995
Contact: Janet Porter Tel: +44 (0)1438 767242
E-mail: jporter at iee.org.uk  

IEE Announces New Journal on Cellular Engineering 

The Journal of Cellular Engineering (incorporating Molecular 
Engineering) is a new journal, designed to reflect the growth in 
the innovative field of cellular engineering. 

Subject areas cover tissue engineering, bioartificial organs, 
biological materials, biomembranes, cell encapsulation, cell-based
biosensors, biointeractions, biomimicry, natural neural networks 
and cell-energy interactions (mechanical, electrical, 
electromagnetic, magnetic). Aspects of the fields of genetic 
engineering, biotechnology and gene therapy are also covered where
there is reference to bioengineering.

The journal, with  Professor Peter Rolfe of Keele University as 
founder Editor-in-Chief, is published by the International 
Federation for Medical and Biological Engineering in partnership 
with Peter Peregrinus Ltd (PPL) who already produce the IFMBE's 
Medical & Biological Engineering & Computing Journal. The journal 
will be published quarterly. However, Volume 1 will consist of 
five issues: Issue 1-August 1995; Issue 2-February 1996; Issue 
3-May 1996; Issue 4-August 1996 and Issue 5-November 1996. 

A descriptive brochure and/or a sample copy is available from the
address below. 

For further information contact:	Janet Porter
	Marketing Department	
	The Institution of Electrical Engineers
	Michael Faraday House
	Six Hills Way
	Herts. SG1 2AY
	Tel:		+44 (0)1438 767242
	Fax:		+44 (0)1438 742840
	E-mail:	jporter at iee.org.uk

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