WWW List of Biology Depts. and Orgs.

Adam Fagen afagen at biosun.harvard.edu
Sat Jul 22 06:26:39 EST 1995

A new section of the Biosciences section of The World Wide Web Virtual
Library is now available, listing biology departments, institutes, academic
programs, and professional organizations worldwide.  These pages were created
to help link information about biology departments and institutes -- their
academic programs, research, and members.

Each entry should point to a site which provides information about the
department, institute, program, or organization, not only individual labs
or links to other sites.

Three lists are currently available:

1.  For U.S. departments and institutes:


2.  For non-U.S. departments and institutes:


3.  For professional societies and organizations in biology


Please send any corrections, additions, deletions, or suggestions to:
	afagen at biosun.harvard.edu

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