Winter school on Population Dynamics

Thomas Hantke thomas at
Tue Jul 25 19:42:04 EST 1995

A winter school on Population Dynamics will take place in the
conference centre Woudschoten in the Netherlands, from 10-14th
January, 1996. The winter school is part of the NWO (Netherlands
Organisation for Scientific Research) priority program on "Nonlinear
Systems" which has "Population Biology and Epidemiology" as one of its

Five experts have been invited to give each five tutorial/introductory
lectures on different areas of population biology:

* Bryan Grenfell (University of Cambridge):  epidemiology
* Andre de Roos (University of Amsterdam):   structured populations
* Karl Hadeler (University of Tuebingen):    deterministic tools
* Franjo Weissing (University of Groningen): population genetics
* Valerie Isham (University College London): stochastic tools

The aim is to give (beginning) PhD- students in population biology a
good understanding of the way mathematics is applied to study problems
in their field as well as a thorough background in relevant
deterministic and stochastic mathematical techniques. 

The emphasis of this winter school is on teaching.  Participants can
introduce their interest and work in five-minute presentations that
can serve as the starting point of further exchange and discussion.

In order to facilitate the planning we ask prospective participants to
fill in this form and return it as soon as possible (and in any case
before 1 October, 1995) to Thomas Hantke (thomas at

Odo Diekmann     Thomas Hantke     Hans Heesterbeek
(CWI and EEW)    (NWO/CWI)         (GLW-DLO)
odo at       thomas at     heesterbeek at

NLS Winter School on Population Dynamics
10-14 January, 1996, Woudschoten

I would like to participate in the winter school on population dynamics.

name                    ________________________________________________

institution             ________________________________________________

address                 ________________________________________________


telephone number        ________________________________________________

fax number              ________________________________________________

email address           ________________________________________________

description of my
current work            ________________________________________________


                       [ ]  I will give a 5-minute presentation  

Diet wishes            [ ]  vegetarian             or:  [ ] ____________

Arrival                [ ]  10 January, 1996 noon  or:  [ ] ____________

Departure              [ ]  14 January, 1996 noon  or:  [ ] ____________

The conference centre in Woudschoten can be reached by train
(Driebergen-Zeist; 60 minutes from Schiphol Airport) and then
group-taxi (15 minutes).

PAYMENT (before 1 December, 1995)

Dfl 500.- (which is approximately $ 310, 200 pound Sterling, DM 450)
including all meals, lodging (double rooms) and lecture notes; 
not including travel costs.

[ ]  For Dutch participants only:
     payed to bank account 436053705 (ABN-AMRO, giro bank: 2391) by
     Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam,
     "NLS Winter school 1996"

[ ]  For non-Dutch participants:
     International money transfer (500.- Dutch Guilders) to 
     bank account 436053705 (ABN-AMRO, P.O. Box 1294, NL-1000 BG  Amsterdam)
     Stichting Mathematisch Centrum, Amsterdam,
     "NLS Winter school 1996"

Send this form as soon as possible, but no later than 1 October, 1995,

Thomas Hantke
Kruislaan 413
1098 SJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands
phone +31 - 20 - 592 42 29
fax   +31 - 20 - 592 41 99
thomas at

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