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Tue Jun 6 00:22:49 EST 1995

The INSULIN-ACTION/bionet.cellbiol.insulin newsgroup is ready for
operation.  This newsgroup is moderated, i.e., all postings are
forwarded to a moderator/editor and are reviewed prior to
distribution.  The newsgroup charter is appended below followed by
detailed usage instructions and information on how to search the
newsgroup archives.  *Please save* this message for future reference
if you intend to participate in this newsgroup.

Information for INSULIN/bionet.cellbiol.insulin (moderated)

USENET newsgroup name:          bionet.cellbiol.insulin

Moderator's address:            insulin-moderator at
				(bionet-cellbiol-insulin is an alias
				 for the above address)

Moderator:                      T.S. Pillay, MD, PhD
                                University of California San Diego
                                Division of Endocrinology & Metabolism
                                Dept. of Medicine, Mail code 0673
                                9500 Gilman Drive
                                La Jolla, CA  92093-0673
                                Tel: 619-534-8898
                                Fax: 619-534-7181
                                tpillay at

Mailing list name:	        INSULIN-ACTION

E-mail posting addresses:       insulin at
                                insulin at


To create a worldwide forum via the Internet for scientists studying
the chemistry of insulin; the biology of insulin receptor signal
transduction; insulin resistance; insulin-like growth factor I
receptors and related tyrosine kinase receptors; insulin degradation.
The biology of related hormones and receptors will be included in so
far as they have a bearing on research in this field.  This forum will
enable intimate discussion and exchange relating to scientific issues
in this research area and facilitate the flow of information relating
to research in this field..


Discuss pertinent issues relating to research in the insulin field.

1) Journal club- discussion of recently published  papers and an
opportunity to field questions to authors . Suggestions for papers will
invited from readers.

2) Forthcoming papers- authors who have papers in press are invited to
submit the abstracts of their papers for perusal by the scientific
community.  Also authors may wish to make manuscripts available by FTP.

3) Focuspoint - discussion of current issues in the biology of insulin
action, controversial or otherwise

4) Meeting announcements- meetings of relevance to this field can be
announced through this forum.

5) Reagents wanted/offered

6)Technical section- experimental problems can be discussed in this section.

7) Positions offered or wanted

Status:  Moderated

Moderation policy:

Moderator will primarily serve as a discussion leader and seek to
maintain order in the discussion threads and prevent "flaming" and
unauthorized advertising by companies.

Exclusions: Issues not related to the newsgroup purpose and charter.



PLEASE NOTE that many USENET sites do not allow automatic creation of
new USENET groups!!!  If you do not see bionet.cellbiol.insulin
in your newsreader within another day or two, ask your news system
administrator to act on our "newgroup" message to enable the group at
your site.  We have already done several tests and are certain that
the group is currently propagating around the network.  If he/she can
not find the newsgroup message, have them retrieve the bionet
checkgroups message from the anonymous FTP area on in
pub/BIOSCI/doc/bionet-checkgroups-msg.  This file contains the latest
list of bionet USENET newsgroups and can be used to update your bionet
distribution.  If the newgroup did not arrive at your site, it may
also be necessary for your news administrator to contact the upstream
computer site providing you with your newsfeed and determine if they
acted on the newgroup message.

Subscribing to this group:

IF YOU USE USENET NEWS (the vastly superior, better organized, and
thus timesaving means of participating in newsgroups as opposed to
archaic e-mail subscriptions!!): you need do nothing other than
participate in bionet.cellbiol.insulin when it appears in your
newsreader.  Depending upon your news software, this may entail having
to answer a prompt indicating that you want to subscribe.  You might
also try the command "g bionet.cellbiol.insulin" in rn-like
newsreaders in order to add the group to your newsgroup list.

AFRICA, OR CENTRAL ASIA: please send the word


in the body of your message to MXT at to retrieve general server
usage instructions.  To subscribe to the INSULIN-ACTION list, first
be sure that you are sending mail from the address at which you wish
to receive news postings, and then send
the command

SUB bionet-news.bionet.cellbiol.insulin

to MXT at  This message will be automatically read by the
computer and your e-mail address will be extracted from the mail
header and added to the list.

AMERICAS OR THE PACIFIC RIM: log in to the computer account in which
you would like to receive mail (not an account that you use
infrequently) and send a mail message to the Internet address

biosci-server at

Leave the Subject: line of the message blank and enter the following
line into the body of the mail message:

subscribe insulin

This message will be automatically read by our computer.  Your e-mail
address will be extracted from the mail header and added to the list.

Canceling your e-mail subscription:

that you are sending mail from the address at which you signed up to
receive news postings, and then send the command (in the body of your
mail message)

UNSUB bionet-news.bionet.cellbiol.insulin

to MXT at  This message will be automatically read by the
computer, and your e-mail address will be extracted from the mail
header and removed from the list.

to biosci-server at exactly as described above for
subscribing except include the text

unsubscribe insulin

in the body of the message.  Please be sure to send the message from
the account whose address matches the one on the list.  If your
address differs, we will be notified automatically and will remove you
manually from the list if we can determine your old address.  Please
contact biosci-help at if you have problems.


Please send a message to one of the following addresses depending upon
your location

Address                              Location
-------                              --------
biosci at               Europe, Africa, and Central Asia
biosci-help at              Americas and the Pacific Rim

and someone on the staff will help you.  PLEASE DO NOT send mail to
our personal e-mail addresses as this will delay a response to your
request for help.

How to post a message to the group:

If you use news, simply post a message into
bionet.cellbiol.insulin.  Be sure to set your "Distribution:" to
"world" (omit the quotes) or else the message might not leave your

To post by e-mail, mail your message to one of the following addresses
depending upon your location:

Posting Address                      Location
---------------                      --------
insulin at              Europe, Africa, and Central Asia
insulin at                  Americas and the Pacific Rim

Your message will forwarded to the moderator for review and may or may
not be posted depending upon whether or not your message conforms to
the newsgroup purpose and moderation policy.

Please use the e-mail server addresses as indicated above.

How to reply to a message on the group:

If you are using a newsreader, simply use the reply or follow-up
command on your newsreader (generally "r" or "f" but these vary from
program to program) to send either private or public replies.

If you are using e-mail, replies to messages that you receive will
*NOT* be automatically returned to the group.  This is the standard
for Internet mailing lists as opposed to BITNET LISTSERVs which often
send all replies back to everyone.  You must be certain that your
reply contains either of the two newsgroup posting addresses above in
your message header if you want to share it with everyone on the
group.  Otherwise in most cases your reply may go back to only the
original poster of the message to which you are replying.  Private
messages addressed to the original poster of the message are not
reviewed by the moderator but postings to the newsgroup address will

ALWAYS be certain that you examine the address on your messages before
you send them!!!  Since this is a moderated group, you may be able to
cancel a message sent by mistake if you contact the moderator promptly
before he/she posts the message.  On unmoderated newsgroups, there
would be no way to stop a mistaken message.

Some non-Internet compliant mail systems may attempt to send replies
to our error-trapping address called BIOSCI-REQUEST.  If yours does
this, please be sure to readdress your message to insulin at or
insulin at if you want to send it to the newsgroup.

How to look at archives of the list:

Archives for INSULIN-ACTION/bionet.cellbiol.insulin are kept in the
anonymous FTP account at [].  Look in the
directory pub/BIOSCI/INSULIN-ACTION for posting archives.  Each file
is assigned a date such as 9501 for January 1995.  Please note that
ours is a UNIX system and all file and directory names are
case-sensitive, i.e., upper case file names are different from lower
case names.

You can also access these same files via Gopher if you start a gopher
session using as your gopher server.  Gopher also allows
you to view the individual messages within each monthly archive file.
The files are in the INSULIN-ACTION directory.  Postings to
bionet.cellbiol.insulin are also WAIS indexed and can be searched via
either gopher or WAIS at our site.  In gopher the option at is "Search Bionet USENET Articles" and in WAIS one should
use the WAIS source biosci.src.  This is a WAIS index of all
BIOSCI/bionet messages including this newsgroup.  Please see the
BIOSCI FAQ for details.  The FAQ can be requested from
biosci-help at  Finally, you can also access the archives
via WWW/Mosaic.  The URL is and you can run the
WAIS archive searches in your WWW browser software window after
connecting to our site.

Once again, if you have any administrative questions that require
personal assistance, please address them to biosci-help at in
the U.S. or biosci at in the UK.

Best wishes for a successful newsgroup!


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at

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