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Hans-Knoell-Institut fuer Naturstoff-Forschung e.V.
Institut fuer Molekulare Biotechnologie e.V.

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On behalf of H. P. Saluz (HKI, Jena), 
A.Rosenthal (IMB Jena), 
A. Poustka (DKFZ Heidelberg), 
H. Lehrach (MPI, Berlin, 
W.-D. Schleunig (Schering AG, Berlin) 
it is our pleasure to invite you to the first Beutenbergsymposium on 
"Genome Analysis: Strategies, Medical and Industrial Applications" 
in Jena, Germany. 
This meeting will be held in the Quality Hotel Jena 
>From June 28 to 30, 1995.

The aim of this meeting is to discuss the latest results of genome research 
and to connect scientific benefits with the interests of industry and business. 
The meeting should help people in the fields of structural and functional 
genome analysis to exchange ideas that will be universally applicable 
rather than system-oriented.

This announcement is followed by the registration sheet and the 
preliminary program of the meeting.

Those interested in participating are requested to fax the registration sheet 
back to: 49-3641-656255. Deadline: June 15, 1995.

We look forward to your participation in this ambitious, 
exciting meeting. 

If you have any further questions concerning this meeting
do not hesitate to contact us:

Phone: +49-3641-656240 or 
email: arosenth at

Prof. Hans-Peter Saluz, HKI
Prof. Andre' Rosenthal, IMB


Beutenbergsymposium on
"Genome Analysis: Strategies, Medical and Industrial Applications"

H. P. Saluz (HKI, Jena), A. Rosenthal (IMB, Jena) 
A. Poustka  (DKFZ, Heidelberg), H. Lehrach (MPI, Berlin), 
W.-D. Schleuning (Schering AG, Berlin)

Location: Quality Hotel, Jena, Germany             
Date: June 28 (6 pm) -  30 (noon), 									

Wednesday, 28th June 

Registration									17.00-19.00


	Hans-Peter Saluz (Jena)			19.00-19.10

 	Wolf-Dieter Dudenhausen (Erfurt)	19.10-19.20


Session 1: Mapping & Sequencing Technology

	Jean Weissenbach (Paris)		19.20-19.50
	"Present Plans in Human Genome Mapping"					

	Hans Lehrach (Berlin/London) 		19.50-20.20
	"Molecular Genetics of Genes and Genomes"						

	Joerg Hoheisel (Heidelberg)		20.20-20.40
	"Use of Hybridization Techniques for Template Mapping and 				Technology"	

	Aaron Bensimon (Paris)			20.40-21.00
	"Molecular Combing: Application to Physical Mapping
	 of the Genome and Medical Diagnostic"							

	Wilhelm Ansorge (Heidelberg) 		21.20-21.50
	"Genome Analysis - a challenge for new technology development"		
	Volker Nowotny (St. Louis)		21.50-22.10
	"What can we learn from automation efforts in Genome Mapping?"		
	Annemarie Poustka (Heidelberg)		22.30-23.00
	"Systematic Gene Identification"							

Thursday, 29th June 


Session 2: Genetic Disorders & Disease Genes

	Hans-Hilger Ropers (Nijmegen) 		09.00-09.30
	"Molecular elucidation of genetic disorders: current state
	 and future strategies"

	 Tony Monaco (Oxford) 			09.30-10.00
	"Positional Cloning of Disease Genes"							
	 B. Wittig (Berlin)			10.00-10.30

	 K. Davies (Oxford)			10.30-11.00
          "Dystrophin and related proteins"

Session 3: Preventive Medicine & Gene Therapy

	M. R. Hoehe (Berlin)  			11.20-11.50
	"The large scale analysis of interindividual candidate 
	gene variation and its impact on molecular medicine"				
	 C. Huxley (London)			11.50-12.20 	

	 A. Neubauer (Berlin)			12.20-12.50
	"Clinical Aspects of Molecular Typing of Human Leukemias
	 with respect to their prognosis"									
I. New Methods & TechnologieS

Session 4: Genome Sequencing & Model Organisms

	Mark Vaudin (St. Louis)			14.00-14.30
	"Large Scale DNA Sequencing: Progress"						
	 Sam Aparicio (Cambridge) 		14.30-15.00
	"Detecting  conserved regulatory elements with the genome
	 of the Japanese puffer fish, Fugu rubripes"
	  Horst Domdey (Munich) 		15.00-15.30
	"Odds and Ends in DNA-Multiplex-Sequencing"					
	 Andre' Rosenthal (Jena)		15.30-16.00
	"Identification of Genes in the q28 Region of the 
	Human X-Chromosome by Large Scale Genomic Sequencing"
	 Karen Thomas (Cambridge)		16.00-16.30
	"The Nematode and Beyond: Large Scale Genome and 
	Model Organism Sequencing at the Sanger Centre"									

III. Academia & Industry

Session 5

	U. Regenass (Basel, Ciba-Geigy)		16.50-17.30
	"The Impact of Genomics on Drug Discovery and Development"			 
	E. P. Fischer (Konstanz)		17.30-18.00
	"Genetic Testing and Insurance - Putting Problems in Perspective"		
	 M. Colpan (Hilden, Qiagen) 		18.00-18.20
	"Visions to Reality - An Industrial Viewpoint"					

Session 6: New technology and hardware from industry
	 Perkin Elmer				18.40-18.50
	 Amersham International			18.50-19.00
	 Pharmacia				19.00-19.10
	 MWG /Licor				19.10-19.20
	 Biometra				19.20-19.30
	 Biozym/M.J. Research 			19.30-19.40

	 Beckmann Industries 			19.40-19.50

	 Genset 				19.50-20.00

Session 6: Round Table Discussion		20.00-21.00

Friday, 30th June


	Session 7

	Arndt v. Haesler (Munich) 		09.00-09.40
	"New insights in the evolutionary process using 
	completely sequenced genomes"

	 Ethics					09.40-10.20

Round Table Discussion starting 		10.20			 

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Fax to +49-3641-656255

Beutenbergsymposium on
"Genome Analysis: Strategies, Medical and Industrial

Location: Quality Hotel, Jena, Germany             
Date: June 28 (6 pm) -  30 (noon), 1995

Please send the registration sheet back to Katrin Faerber, 
fax no.: +49-3641-656255
Application Deadline: 15th of June 1995

Yes! Please register me for the Beutenbergsymposium:

Registration Fee: DM 200,- per person

Accommodation:   Quality Hotel Jena, 
special offer: DM 150,00/night/person

Name:		____________________________________	

Title: 		____________________________________

Institution:	____________________________________

Address:	____________________________________

City/State/ZIP	____________________________________

phone/fax	____________________________________

	Enclosed is a cheque (in DM) or money order (in DM) payable to the 	
	Beutenbergsymposium, reference Beutenbergsymposium code 2830295. 
	IMB Jena, Beutenbergstr. 11, 07745 Jena

	Electronic transmission to the Stadt- und Kreissparkasse Jena, 
	account no.: 320 405 76, sorting code: 830 544 72. 
	Reference: Beutenbergsymposium code 2830295


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