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Brent Coles nef at xmission.com
Thu Jun 8 19:26:07 EST 1995

National Energy Foundation Catalog Now Available on Internet

The National Energy Foundation is pleased to announce that information
about the Foundation, including its Materials Catalog, is now available
at the NEF World Wide Web site:


NEF, one of the nation's premier nonprofit developers of energy, natural
resource, and environmental education materials and programs, is pleased
to make these resources more accessible to Internet users.  Using the
latest technologies afforded users of the Internet, NEF's
Internet-version of the catalog includes full-color, high resolution
images of all NEF educational materials, along with product descriptions
and other information.  Users who access the site can even place orders
directly from the scene.  

For more information about the Foundation's "home page," contact Gary
Swan at NEF; (801) 539-1406, or fax: (801) 539-1451.; or e-mail
nef at xmission.com.

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