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            Kohala Coast, Island of Hawaii - January 3-6, 1996

            WORKSHOP: Internet Tools for Computational Biology 

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At the Symposium, a special Workshop track is scheduled to deal with 
today's subjects of biological computational tools on the Internet. 

 o  Service/Site presentation and information
 o  Project development and exposure to researchers 
 o  Visualisation of and Access to original data or methods in electronic form 
 o  Data access in both full-text and more sophisticated retrieval 
 o  Access to computational algorithms and resources 

Currently, 'the Web' is the most sophisticated tool for information
handling which can be accessed by novices. Even more sophisticated tools
allow to gather information and computations more specifically, but
require to employ specific client software rather than common-purpose

            WORKSHOP: Internet Tools for Computational Biology 
                   C A L L     F O R     P A P E R S  
            Kohala Coast, Island of Hawaii - January 3-6, 1996

We would like to invite paper submissions in this exciting field of
interdisclipinary research. The development is currently progressing

 * The development of more sophisticated client/server technology targets to 
   overcome less refined features of the generic http protocol
 * Biological applications start to become indispensible, and might cover 
       o database retrieval            
       o sophisticated program input 
       o linkage analysis  
       o gene (exon) prediction 
       o 3D modelling: MIME types  
       o 3D modelling: VRML 
 * The most important development 'backstage' is to expand  server-server 
   communication for data update and data presentation issues. 

We welcome papers describing results from a wide range of possible
methodologies, including access to, and analyses of the databases of
biomolecular sequences and structures, simple conceptual and computational
evolutionary models, and success/quality/accessibility reports. Reports
on molecular modelling via internet tools and special user group
communication, such as MOO interlinking, as well as generic methods for
maintenance of information are welcome.

Current plans are for electronic publication of the papers by the MIT 
Press, in both HTML and postscript. People wishing to present posters 
without publishing a full paper may submit an abstract. Preregistration 
for the conference is required for the inclusion of a paper in the 
conference proceedings. 


 Paper submissions due:                          July 27, 1995
 Notification of paper acceptance:               September 11, 1995
 Final paper deadline                            October 2, 1995
 Early registration deadline                     October 2, 1995

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