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Edmar Weitenberg gbpubopa at euronet.nl
Wed Jun 21 00:16:11 EST 1995

ENANTIOMER: Absolute Stereochemistry, Chiral Recognition and
Chiroptical properties

Editors-in-Chief: Volker Schurig, Chris Welch & Nobuyuki Harada

Associate Editors:
Alex F. Drake, Hiroyuki Nohira, Yoshio Okamoto, William H.
Pirkle, James P. Riehl, Arlette Solladie-Cavallo

It is with great pleasure that we announce the forthcoming
publication of a new Journal, ENANTIOMER, which will be dedicated
to all aspects of the chemistry and biochemistry of enantiomers.

ENANTIOMER is to be a well focused publication dedicated to the
chemistry and biochemistry of enantiomers. 
A major focus of ENANTIOMER is the preparation of enantiomers on
the basis of chiral recognition (chromatography using chiral
stationary phases, enantioselective host-guest complexation,
resolution or synthesis using chiral auxiliaries, resolution
based on the chiral crystalline field, enantioselective
synthesis, enzymatic and non-enzymatic kinetic resolution,
spontaneous enantioselective crystallization). Other topics
include methods for the quantitation of enantiomeric excess (GC,
HPLC, CE, NMR) and assignment of absolute configuration and
conformation (CD, ORD, X-ray crystallography, NMR).
Each issue will carry a short specialized review, up to 10
refereed papers and a selection of shorter communications or
"letters to the editor".  

Rapid peer review will be arranged by the Editors to reduce
publication time to a minimum. The submission of colour
photographs is encouraged, and these will be published free of

For a Free Sample Copy of ENANTIOMER or if you are considering
submitting a paper please contact or please e-mail your full
postal mailing address to the Product Manager - Physical
Sciences: john.tobin at gbpub.com, International Publishers
Distributor, c/o PO Box 90, Reading, Berkshire RG1 8JL, UK

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