Industrial Microbiology/Biotechnology Meeting!

JNeway1 jneway1 at
Wed Jun 21 00:15:38 EST 1995

The Annual Meeting of the Society for Industrial Microbiology will be
held in San Jose this August 6-11.  The meeting is proceeded by a
"wet" workshop on "Isolation of Fungi from Natural Substrates."

Some session topics for the meeting are: What's happening in the
Biotechnology Industry? Bioremediation Science and Technology, US EPAs
Regulatory Approach, Metabolic Engineering, Environmental Review of
Biotechnology-derived Products - FDA and USDA Issues, Biotechnology of
Streptomyces, Fungi and Actinomycetes, Fungal Biotransformation,
Agricultural and Food Biotechnology, Microbial Production of Natural
Pigments and Flavors, Products from Marine Microbiology, Secretion and
Eukaryotic Physiology, Biopesticides, Protection of Intellectual

If you would like more information about this conference please send
me an E-mail with your Snail Mail address and I will send it ASAP.

See you there,

Justin Neway

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