Call For Papers: "Bernsteins Traditions in Motor Control"

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Call for Papers
 (Abstract Submission Deadline: March 1, 1996)

An International Conference
"Bernstein's Traditions in Motor Control"

This three-day international conference "Bernstein's Traditions in Motor 
Control" is planned to pay tribute to Nicholai Bernstein‹one of the 
founders of contemporary biomechanics, motor control, and complex 
systems approach to studying voluntary movements. The time of the 
conference will coincide with Bernstein's centenary.

The Conference will integrate the following topics:
					€	Biomechanics;
					€	Kinesiology;
					€	Motor Disorders;
					€	Neurophysiology of Movements;
					€	Motor Development;
					€	Psychophysiological Aspects of Movements; and
					€	Models and Theories in Motor Control; 

Conference Date:  August 23­25, 1996
The Pennsylvania State University
The Penn State Scanticon Conference Center Hotel
University Park, Pennsylvania, USA

For More Information:

About program content
Mark Latash, Ph.D.
The Pennsylvania State University
Biomechanics Laboratory
University Park  PA  16802
phone  (814) 863-5374
fax (814) 865-2440
e-mail  mll11 at

About registration
Debbie Noyes, Conference Planner
The Pennsylvania State University
225 Penn State Scanticon 
University Park  PA 16802-7002
phone (814) 863-5120
fax (814) 863-5190

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