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Conference:Advances in the biological applications of mass 

Protein, oligonucleotide and glycan structure protein folding 
non-covalent interactions uses in screening and mapping, novel 
derivatisation for m, method development
VENUE:  UMIST, Manchester, UK	 DATE: 17th May 1995
European leaders in the application of mass spectrometry to 
problems in biological science 
cations relating biological macromolecule sequence to structure 
and function. The presentations will be at a level highly 
accessible to biochemists 
Invited international speakers include:
Prof. Peter Roepstorff (Odense, Denmark)
Prof. Alain van Dorsselaer (Strasbourg, France)
Dr. Chris Dobson  (Oxford, UK)
Dr. Andries Bruins (Groningen, The Netherlands)
Prof Dietmar Schomburg (GBF, Braunschweig, Germany)
Dr. Darryl Pappin (ICRF, UK)
Prof. Tom Rademacher (UCL, London)
Registration and further information from: Dr. M P Coward, 
Chemistry Dept, UMIST, P O Box 88, Manchester, UK
Tel: [+44] (0) 161 200 4491 Fax: [+44] (0) 161 228 1250  Email:  
m.p.coward at

Michael J Geisow

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