DIAGNOSTICS/bionet.diagnostics PASSES: 187 YES to 0 NO

BIOSCI Administrator biosci-help at net.bio.net
Wed Mar 8 19:00:59 EST 1995

I am pleased to announce that the proposal for
DIAGNOSTICS/bionet.diagnostics passed by a unanimous vote of 187-0.

We will proceed to create the USENET newsgroup and expand the current
prototype list at net.bio.net to our site at Daresbury, U.K. in the
next few days.  The current mailing list at net.bio.net for the
prototype group can continue to be used in the interim.


				Dave Kristofferson
				BIOSCI/bionet Manager

				biosci-help at net.bio.net

Proposal to establish DIAGNOSTICS/bionet.diagnostics

Proposed USENET name:           bionet.diagnostics  (unmoderated)

Proposed mailing list name:     DIAGNOSTICS

Proposed email addresses:       diagnost at net.bio.net
                                diagnost at daresbury.ac.uk

Discussion leaders:             Kevin O'Donnell
                                  (odonnell at sasa.gov.uk)
                                Robert Burns (antibodies)
                                  (burns at sasa.gov.uk)

Newsgroup Charter:

The DIAGNOSTICS newsgroup (bionet.diagnostics) is a forum for
discussion of problems and techniques (primarily serological or
nucleic acid-based) involved in all fields of diagnostics.  Subjects
for discussion and comment include methodology, automation, quality
assurance and other subjects of interest and concern to those
developing and/or using diagnostic tests.


Despite the large number of scientists involved in diagnostics, there
is no newsgroup devoted to this subject.  The prototype DIAGNOSTICS
newsgroup was set up to fill this gap and has gained enough support to
justify a vote for full newsgroup status.  The prototype newsgroup has
included postings on the detection and identification of diseases,
pathogens (animal and plant) and also diagnostic functions which do
not fit into either category.  This composition has helped to
establish common ground (and therefore intellectual and methodological
cross-fertilization) between people and laboratories.  For example,
the problems facing scientists developing PCR assays for Listeria are
similar to those facing scientists developing PCR assays for bacterial
soft rots in plants.

Within the various disciplines there are common problems regarding
methods, immunogens, cross-reactivity, automation, materials, quality
assurance and other issues that are not recognized by those using
similar techniques for other purposes.

The DIAGNOSTICS newsgroup will address and help solve these problems
by providing a forum for their discussion between individuals of
various experience and disciplines.

Kevin O'Donnell
Diagnostics and Molecular Biology
Scottish Agricultural Science Agency
Edinburgh                         		odonnell at sasa.gov.uk

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