Course on time-resolved fluorescence in bioaffinity reactions

Philip Mottram pmot at
Thu Mar 9 13:37:48 EST 1995

A course entitled "Time-resolved fluorescence in bioaffinity 
reactions" is being organized by the University of Turku and will take 
place in Finland at the Turku Technology Center's DataCity and BioCity 
facilities between May 29th and June 2nd, 1995.

The course aims at providing a theoretical background for the use of 
bioaffinity reactions for different analytical purposes. Special 
attention is paid to the use of lanthanide chelate labels and time-
resolved fluorometry. Laboratory work which forms part of the course 
provides a practical insight into the subject and demonstrates the 
usefulness of the label technology in the applications mentioned. In 
addition, the program includes poster sessions with selected oral

The course fee, which includes scientific program, lunches and social 
program is FIM 2100.

Further details are available from

Ms Päivi Vuorio
University of Turku
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