Pooled human DNA samples

jeanne beck jeanne_beck at cimr.umdnj.edu
Thu Mar 16 18:19:28 EST 1995


    The National Institute of General Medical Sciences' Human Genetic
Mutant Cell Repository has available three DNA sample pools from its
collection. Two of the sample pools are from the Repository's
collection of CEPH (Centre d'Etude du Polymorphism Humain) Reference
Families, while a third is from the human diversity collection. One
DNA pool, NA13405, contains equal quantities of DNA from 31 males and
31 females from the parental generation of CEPH Amish, Utah, and
Venezuelan pedigrees. A second CEPH collection DNA pool, NA13421,
contains equal quantities of DNA from 27 males and 27 females from the
collection of CEPH Utah pedigrees. The third DNA pool, NA13406,
consists of equal quantities of DNA from 13 males and 15 females from
the human diversity collection. Two individuals from each of 14
different populations (Mayan, Karitiana, Surui, Quechua, Auca, Jemez
Pueblo, and Cheyenne Indians, Kmer Cambodian, Southern Chinese,
Japanese, Druze Arab, Nasioi Melanesian, and Biaka and Mbuti Pygmies)
comprise this pool. Information about these DNA samples is available
via internet. Telnet to coriell.umdnj.edu. At the login prompt, type:
online. To access the catalog via modem, dial 609-757-9728. For
additional information or a Repository catalog, contact:
    The NIGMS Human Genetic Mutant Cell Repository
    Coriell Cell Repositories 
    401 Haddon Avenue
    Camden, NJ 08103

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